10 Tips To Make Your Sinulog Experience Hassle-Free

Better ready than sorry!
Posted on: Thursday, January 15, 2015

Are you already in the saddle for this coming Sinulog 2015? Here’s some tips that will help you not just to survive Sinulog but to also enjoy enjoy and enjoy!

Tip no.1: Wear comfortable clothes.

what to wear this sinulog

Light colored t-shirts, comfy shoes, towels or handkerchief and cool shades that can protect you from the hot rays of the sun. You may also wear boots in case it rains (God forbid). Bring your mighty umbrella! Best shield through rain or shine.


Tip no. 2: Make-up.

lady gaga

Don’t wear 3 layers of make-up if you don’t want your face to get wrinkles or burns. You might not know that the ingredients of the cosmetics you’ve used is highly flammable and not suitable to be exposed to the heat of the sun.


Tip no. 3: Your backpack.

dora backpack
Loren Javier | Flickr

Always bring “Dora’s Backpack” with all those first aid kits, toilet necessities because you might not know when the nature will be calling you maybe from time to time #SadTruth and of course you have to answer. You can also “Bring your House” in case you forget something.


Tip no. 4: Padlock your bag.

lock your bag

There will be a lot of people from different parts of the world and also not part of our world – maybe aliens or not like ours – who will be partying with us during the Sinulog. And it certainly attracts pickpockets and robbers. To prevent such incidents you can always lock your bag or if not always place your bag at the front.


Tip no. 5: Don’t wear too many accessories.

too many accessories

Don’t look like a jeweler. Always think twice in wearing too many accessories. You already know the consequences.


Tip no. 6: Always keep yourself hydrated.

drink water

Bring water or more liquids that can quench your thirst as joining the festivity would be physically exhausting, from walking a long distance or attending the solemn mass or partying hard. You should always drink water.


Tip no. 7: Be calm.

sinulog experience
Danjick Lim Photography

“Patience is a virtue” and do a little of sacrifice. Walk calmly, enjoy the party wildly, but always bear in mind the true meaning of this celebration and that is to bring honor and praise to the child Jesus Senyor Sto. Niño.


Tip no. 8: Know the route.

The Sinulog route nowadays.
The Sinulog route nowadays.

Familiarize yourself with the routes of the Sinulog Grand Parade so that you can find good spots where you can enjoy the event and not get in a situation where you have to climb on railings!

Tip no. 9: Mind your phone.

using phone during festivals

Gear up your cell phones and gadgets. Don’t forget to charge it before leaving and it’s a must to bring with you power banks.


Finally, tip no. 10:


BRING YOURSELF. Indulge yourself, savor each moment, take selfies, groupies, enjoy every bit of the celebration, feel the beat and festivity, encourage your FAMILY to celebrate with you and don’t forget to thank Sñr Sto. Niño for all the blessings you received. Prititit! Pit Senyor!



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