10 Cebuano Dishes We Never Get Tired Of Eating

Posted on: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cebu is known for her fine beaches and delectable cuisine. Good thing most of the Cebuano dishes here are affordable, and you can even have one on some nearby karenderya.


What are your favorite Cebuano dishes? Choose one from here!

1. Tinuwang Manok

manok chicken native cebuano dish

Complete with kamunggay (moringa) and green papaya. Bonus points if the chicken was the one defeated during a sabong whose meat is kinda tough to chew!


2. Lansiao

lansiao dishes

Lansiao is made from a bull’s testicles ’cause sucking milk from a cow’s tits isn’t enough. This dish is also known as ‘Soup number 5’ and came from a Chinese dialect which means… dick.

Lansiao is widely believed to be aphrodisiac so if your partner doesn’t seem to be in the mood, let them eat this.


3. Chicharon (of course from Carcar)

chicharon carcar

When you go to Carcar City, you’ll definitely buy some ampao and chicharon as a pasalubong. Both are crispy should I say.


4. Utan Bisaya

utan bisaya

This is the poor man’s source of vitamins and minerals ’cause Utan Bisaya contains lots and lots of malunggay, kalbasa (squash), agbati (spinach), okra and every other vegetables you can find in your local market.

Unsa ma’y lami isubak sa utan bisaya? Buwad? Isda? Baboy?


5. Ngohiong


You find a Pungko-Pungko stall and point your fingers at it. You thought it’s lumpia, isn’t it?

NO, it’s Ngohiong!

Yeah, when you eat it, it contains less meat than lumpia but more vegetables! Don’t forget to dip your ngohiong in a special sauce!


6. Humba

humba cebuano dish

Every province in the Philippines has its own version of adobo and Humba is Cebu’s variant of it. Just the look and smell of Humba will make you forget your vow to lose weight. Humba has the perfect blend of sweetness of sugar and the saltiness of patis. 


7. Escabeche

escabeche fish dish

Usually served during birthdays or christening, Escabeche just tastes the right amount of sweet & sour and what can I say? It’s my go-to dish during special occasions.


8. Tuslob-Buwa

tuslob buwa

This gimmicky dish includes dipping a puso in a sizzling pan of pig brains and innards. Yeah. Some might find this ewww, but Tuslob-Buwa is really tasty, not to say, cheap.


9. Lechon

lechon cebu
via filozophy.wordpress.com

Filipino consensus says that Cebu has the best lechon. But where in Cebu do you think serves the tastiest lechon?


10. Siomai sa Tisa

siomai sa tisa

The Chinese invented it, the Cebuanos in Tisa perfected it… or so they say. Siomai sa Tisa stalls are virtually everywhere in Cebu. You should try tasting one, it’s cheap.


What more Cebuano dish can you add to the list?



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