Throwback: 10 Childhood Snacks We Used To Buy Outside School

Posted on: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Remember when you’re still young and wild and free?

The times when you still have to ask your mama for money?

Where did your money go? I bet some of them went to these yummy snacks!


1. Unripe Mango with Hipon (Shrimp Paste)

unripe mango with hipon snack

Then afterwards you’d feel pain in your tooth because of its acid!


2. Pan Borikat/Bahug-bahug + Sparkle

pan borikat sparkle bahug bahug snacks

When your baon can afford this combo, then you’re rich dude.


3. Peanuts!

peanut vendor
Photo by Pangkat | Wikipedia

Which one do you prefer?



4. Scramble

scramble childhood snack
Kami ang Batang 90s facebook page

My mama says iskrambol is dirty because the tindero just scoops it out of a balde!


5. Tempura and Fishball

fishball tempura kwek kwek
Photo by Foodtrippings | Wikipedia

Love the sweet sauce!


6. Well, let’s add more cholesterol: Kwek-kwek!

kwek kwek
Photo by Shutters | Wikipedia

That pineapple juice though – cough, cough, cough!


7. Tamarindo

Do you prefer the candy?

tamarindo candy


or the paste?

tamarind paste


8. Sorbetes (Dirty Ice Cream)

sorbetes ice cream vendor

“It’s made from sip-on (snot)!!!”, said my mama, discouraging me from buying sorbetes so she won’t have to give me money.


9. Hot cake!

hot cake

More margarine please!


10. Bananaque/Bananacue/Banana-Q (or however you spell it)

bananacue childhood snacks
adlaw | Flickr

Every damn time I buy bananacue it’s always hit or miss – sometimes the saging is hilaw and sometimes it’s overripe!

Don’t forget Turon and Pinaypay as well!



What other childhood snacks do you miss eating after school?




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