10 Foods You’ve Eaten If You’re A Poor Pinoy

We’re not picky, you know!
Posted on: Saturday, February 21, 2015

‘Ngaon ta! Kain tayo!

How many have you been greeted by your neighbor every time you pass by their house? If you’re a poor Pinoy (like I used to be… just joking I’m still poor haha), chances are you’d love to eat whatever your neighbor offers… like these foods:

1. Sardinas


You can add soy sauce if it isn’t salty enough for you!


2. Going to the beach? Here, bring some of these!

saging and camote food for poor
Chella Apolonio Nacua | Facebook


3. Don’t forget to dip them in ginamos!

Chella Apolonio Nacua | Facebook

Rice with ginamos? I used to dig that when I was a kid! (It’s not that I don’t like it grandma, it’s just that it has no nutrition value at all!)


4. No baon? No problem!

chips for meal for poor pinoy
CLark LUmongsud | Facebook

Proof that rice goes with everything…


5. Everybody’s favorite: Sardines with Odong!

sardines with odong


6. Don’t forget the other one: Sardines with Misua!

sardines with misua


7. Buwad and Buwad Bolinao forever!

buwad and buwad bolinao poor
Roselyn Orit | Facebook

Just don’t eat too much or your blood pressure will elevate!


7. Hmmm! Can you smell it?

hipon bagoong

Lami ipares sa manggang hilaw!


8. Mongo soup!

mongo soup

There’s not a carinderia that doesn’t serve this!


9. Your pet cat’s favorite! Poor man’s fish!

galunggong fish
Roberto Verzo | Flickr

Budburon/Galunggong, it’s everybody’s favorite fish!


10. Endorsed by Senyora Santibañez herself

corned beef senyora santibanez meme


Which food is your favorite?



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