10 Pictures That Prove Filipinos Don’t Give A Damn About Floods

So, just when will the government fix the flooding problem?
Posted on: Monday, July 6, 2015

We Filipinos have already grown used to flooding that we just don’t give a f!@k anymore. Here are some funny pictures that show it’s true!


1. Tanods: “No thieves to chase, better relax!”

floods filipinos


2. Best friends gotta stick together, right?

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3. ♬“Ako’y isang sirena!” ♬



4. No need to go to Siargao when you can surf in your front yard!

via Tumblr
via Tumblr


5. Classes are suspended but not work; as if workers are immune to floods!

via all-pinoy-jokes.blogspot.com
via all-pinoy-jokes.blogspot.com


6. Rain or shine, we still merrily drink our hearts out!

tagay rain
via Kat De Castro | Camille Buhain


7. I salute this schoolgirl. *claps*

Frank Lurzano | via inquirer.net

Janela Arcos Lelis, 12, wades through floodwater as she tightly holds the Philippine flag in a heroic act to save the national symbol from being swept away by the raging water on that stormy day on July 26. Albay resident Frank Lurzano captured the scene on film.


8. These daredevil kids…

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9. We sure do LOVE basketball!

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10. Love can’t be stopped, no matter how strong the storm is!

wedding rain floods
via gmanetwork.com


What about you? What’s your gimmick this rainy season?



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