10 Pinoy Netizens Who Fail Horribly In English Class

Posted on: Saturday, May 16, 2015

We’ve been taught English our whole lives – from diaper commercials to English classes. However, there are just some Pinoys who might have always fallen asleep while di Englis titser was titsing:


1. No, no, you’re wrong. It’s called “waterpulls.”

english fails
@ReynaMaleficent | Twitter


2. #ThingkingOutLaud #LastSongSindrome

thinking out loud facebook feed post
via Facebook


3. Requiescat in pace, Grammar.

rest and piece english fail
via Facebook


4. Not only did he fail in grammar but also in recognizing between two comedians.

rip tado grammar funny
via Facebook


5. Yeah, it’s magic Inday.

mango float fail on facebook
via Twitter


6. Yeah, I’ve also watched that Korean movie

miracle in cell 7 korean movie funny
via Twitter


7. Well, I prefer evaporated milk…

fail grammar facebook funny
via Facebook


8. Hayyy, Inday, forget about him already!

english filipino fail
via Facebook


9. So who are these people who scored the match?

facebook funny post
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10. And the award goes to…

facebook pinoy english fail
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Don’t skip your English class! And as always, stay classy, Pinoy netizens.



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