10 Signs That Jeepney Drivers Are Secretly Geniuses

You may haven’t noticed it, but have you ever wondered how difficult a jeepney driver’s job can be?
Posted on: Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jeepney. Most of us are familiar with it as it is the main transpo here in the country. You may haven’t noticed it, but have you ever wondered how difficult a jeepney driver’s job can be? That means these people are secretly geniuses!


Here are obvious signs that they are:


1. Traffic? Jeepney drivers know how to circumvent it.

traffic in the philippines

Especially in road intersections, jeepney drivers could just drive at the far side of the road and shove away other cars.


2. They know how to repair their baby without formal training.

guys repairing a jeepney
Papillon Imaging-Photography| papillon-imaging.blogspot.com

Jeepney’s broken? Instead of bringing it to a repair shop, the driver himself repairs it! He’s got the necessary tools and knowledge to fix things, even your broken heart.


3. They exactly know when to refuel despite broken fuel gauge.

pa gas jeep memes
PUP Memes facebook page

When is the best time to refuel? Of course when you’re late for school/work.


4. They perfectly know the full capacity of their jeep with only the rear-view mirror as a guide.

jeep meme
Reuel Mark Delez | Flickr

A fat person is worth 2 spaces

A small child is worth 0.75 spaces

A working class guy is worth 0 space. He can just hang outside…

Yeah, I can still fill 10 people…


5. They can drive without looking at the road.

drayber ng jeep

Uyyy, someone’s passing the fare? No problem. Let me turn my head to you and drive at the same time!




6. They hand over your sukli after a lightning-speed calculation.

Black Helios | blackhelios.wordpress.com

Jeepney drivers are geniuses at Math and do calculations everysingleday. Hand him a bill and it just takes less than a second for him to hand over to you the sukli. Handing 50-peso bill or more would take a while because the driver’s gotta neatly stack the paper bills OCD style.


7. They can perfectly drive well despite driving a dilapidated (not to mention outdated) automobile.


They drive a jeepney without a functioning speedometer and fuel gauge, the engine’s making some shiwshitkch noise, and the exhaust pipe’s releasing black smoke. It still runs though. Good. Kaya pa na.


8. They have photographic memory. They know who has paid and who hasn’t.

pamasahe plite

Those who managed to ride without paying the fare, do you realize that the driver is just giving you a chance?


9. Even with a busy schedule, they still have time for romance!

basta jeepney driver sweet lover
Jojo Pensica | jobarracuda | Flickr

Jeepney drivers drive during peak hours day and night. When they get home they still manage to make their wife happy. How many  jeepney drivers do you know have been left by their wives?

Basta driver, sweet lover…


10. After earning a miserable income, they still manage to have their children finish a degree!

magna cum laude jeepney driver son
Photo by Jay Dayupay, ABS-CBN News


So, are you convinced now? Jeepney drivers are really geniuses in their own right!



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