10 Superstitions Filipinos Believe About ‘Tuli’

Pisot! Pisot! Pisot!
Posted on: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It’s summer vacation again and occasionally you’ll catch a glimpse of little boys (and big guys alike) doing this:

tuli boys circumcision

Summer vacation is the best time to undergo circumcision! As part of the Filipino culture, tuli (circumcision) has been always been a tradition every summer. Here in the Philippines, we take circumcision really seriously. Every Filipino boys and grown men (if you were afraid when you were young) undergo this terrifying stage of their lives, or else you’ll get teased your whole life.


Anyways, here are some superstitious beliefs associated with it:


1. Tuli is a rite of passage for boys to grow into men. You aren’t a real man until you’re circumcised.

tuli moments

Getting teased of being “supot/pisot” is really embarrassing. Being circumcised is a sign of being macho, 

Patuli na kaw! It’s never too late!


2. Remaining uncircumcised when you grow up will make you “bulol.”

ako budoy

Being bulol means you still speak like a little kid, that is, you stammer and can’t pronounce words well.

But is tuli really the cure?


3. Eating ‘long’ vegetables will make your pototoy grow long after healing.

upo vegetable

It isn’t true… I tried. T_T


4. You couldn’t get a date if you’re not tuli.

torpe guy
MrMonoMusic youtube channel

The primary motivation of young men to undergo circumcision – girls will find you ‘dirty’ if you’re uncircumcised.

Or maybe you’re just torpe.


5. It’s better to undergo circumcision on Black Saturday.

tuli pukpok
GMA News and Public Affairs

On Tuli Operations being done during the Holy Week, Black Saturday is the best day to have it. Folks believe you will bleed less ’cause God is already alive on Saturday. Newly circumcised boys are also asked to jump to minimize the bleeding.


6. Chewing guava leaves and applying it to the wound will make it heal faster.

chewing guava leaves
Pukpok movie | fringemag.net | via positivelyfilipino.com

But damn… the bacteria from your saliva man! Anyway, the circumciser (usually the village barber) also recommends bathing in the nearby river will make you feel better. Just make sure the river isn’t dirty!


7. If a girl sees the circumcision process, the boy’s testicles will grow big.

operation tuli
Dolores Online facebook page

And that’s why a rural town’s “Operation Pukpok” is usually done in a forested area so no girls would see the process.

But… but I want a nurse to circumcise me!!!


8. Being circumcised reduces the risk of contracting HIV.

hiv graph rising in the philippines
via Rappler 

What a way to promote circumcision! Anyway, here’s a Time article about it.


9. A newly circumcised boy shouldn’t go outside… or a snake will bite his pototoy.


It’s also hard to walk wearing a dress too big for you.


10. A woman shouldn’t see your unhealed pototoy, lest it would swell like a tomato.

sleeping while circumcised
Philippine Pie [R-18] facebook page
Pangangamatis, the folks call it that. They never explain why, maybe our dicks are still too shy to be seen or women’s eyes are cursed.

So be sure hide your pototoy under the blanket and don’t let mom see it!



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