10 Types Of Selfie Poses Pinoys Love To Do

Posted on: Friday, January 30, 2015

Pinoys love taking a selfie, that’s why Makati City became the selfie capital of the world in 2014. Is selfie a sign of Pinoy’s vanity or do we just love taking a photo of ourselves?

Anyway, here are the 9 types of selfies Pinoys usually take:

1. The Duck Face

pbb teens selfie
ABS-CBN via officialmichaelpineda.blogspot.com

A failed attempt at mimicking kissing lips, the subject just usually turns out mimicking a duck. Minus points if you’re not attractive like these teens.

Here’s how to do a proper kissing lips selfie:

anne curtis kiss
via pinoyexchange.com

See the difference? Yeah, you should close your eyes when doing it so you won’t look awkward.


2. The Chin-Up Selfie (featuring Grandma)

grandma selfie

Old people have the penchant of putting the camera lower than their head and raising their chin, probably because that’s the sexiest part of their body. Plus points if the other person’s face gets cut off.


3. The I-Can’t-Contain-My-Excitement Face

paris hilton fan selfie
via www.philshowbiz.com

When you’re just too excited, and you try to hide it. Gotta keep it cool or you might blow your once in a lifetime selfie! Just raise your eyebrows, it might it stop you from screaming like a little girl.


4. The Medyo Bad Boy Pose

medyo bad boy pose shot

Shades? Check. Jacket? Check. Now, you shouldn’t smile when you take the ‘Medyo Bad Boy’ pose. You should look intimidating ’cause chicks like it bad. Plus points if you took the selfie in the restroom.


5. The Uneven Eyebrows Selfie


You’re like asking the question: Do I look good? 

You’ve probably taken the time to make different faces until you discovered how you look less ugly when you make your eyebrows uneven.


6. The “Look I’m a celebrity and I’m riding the MRT!” Groupie

kris aquino mrt
Kris Aquino Instagram

Eh, anong pake namen? Well, it’s really hard to board the train if you’re a celebrity. You’ll get swarmed by exhausted passengers who waited in line for like an hour every day while you only take the MRT when you’re late for taping.

anne curtis mrt groupie
Anne Curtis Instagram
jericho rosales selfie in mrt
via abs-cbnnews.com

Who’s got the genuine smile?


7. “Bae caught me slippin”

im asleep selfie
Donnalyn Bartolome facebook page

Your selfie album won’t be complete without taking a selfie right after waking up and removing the dirt in your eyes. #goodmorning


8. The Scissors sign

Let’s take a look at the previous MRT selfies:

kris aquino selfie in mrt
Kris Aquino Instagram
anne curtis in mrt
Anne Curtis Instagram
jericho rosales selfie
via abs-cbnnews.com

Yeah, Pinoys love to do it. They call it the ‘Peace’ sign, I call it the ‘Scissors’ sign. Why? Because it’s shaped like a pair of scissors.


9. The We-Got-A-Selfie-With-A-Selfie-Stick Pose

groupie funny
via 9gag.com

Make sure the camera angle exposes your selfie stick. Yeah, because it’s expensive. Gotta tell the world I got an expensive schtick.


10. The Crying Selfie

crying selfie
crying selfie girl


Anyway, just keep on taking a picture of yourself ’cause there’s no dislike button on FB.



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