11 Memorable High School Moments We All Had (Part 2)

High School life oh my High School every memory kay ganda!
Posted on: Friday, March 20, 2015

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School days are ending, so be happy and reminisce! How was your High School days? We all had these experiences back then:

1. Do you know the secret behind this?

ballpen spin
Kami ang Batang 90s fb page

Answer: BUHOK!


2. So true…!

last 5 minutes of exam

Shit happens when your ballpen runs out of ink!


3. Especially in the afternoon…

taking a nap in school
@MarkCaballus | Twitter

During the Filipino subject. Noli me Tangere/El Filibusterismo anyone?


4. When it’s Friday, you be like…

dancing polar bear


5. Admit it, you do this!

students during exams


6. HmMmMm…?

chewed ballpen
@biskejuson | Twitter


7. Which type are you?

types of high school students


8. It’s because my pocket where I put my pen has holes…

@iamjhenongsee11 | Twitter


9. Remember the Physics lecture?

high school physics lecture
@surelytonette | Twitter


10. It sucks at first, but it’ll be worth it!

school acronym
@OhSaklapFriend | Twitter


11. And when you graduate, don’t forget to give thanks.

graduate funny


What was your most memorable high school moment?



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