11 Kinds Of People You’ll Meet In Colon

Posted on: Thursday, February 5, 2015

 Ah, Colon.

colon obelisk

One of the busiest places in Cebu. Colon’s towering buildings might be dilapidated and colorless but the people and the everyday occurrences paint the street in chaotic yet vivid colors.

What makes the people of Colon colorful? You should meet them:

1. The mothers shopping outside the mall

night shoppers in colon

If you want to buy some really cheap products, then just follow these moms ’cause they’re experts when it comes to this!


2. The friendly security guard

security guards in cebu
Rusty Ferguson via www.excitingcebu.com

If you’re lost in the labyrinth of Colon, just ask the security guards and they will gladly respond to you!


3. The college students going out for lunch

pungko pungko cebu

There are two kinds of students who eat in Colon: one eats in pungko-pungko or carinderia, the other one eats in Jollibee (if Bee is full, try McDo).


4. The Jeepney Driver/Conductor Tandem

jeepney in colon
No, no, she’s not the conductor! | www.tripadvisor.com

Colorful jeepneys, yey! Just don’t get confused about their number codes, if you don’t know what jeepney to ride, just ask the friendly sikyu!


5. The “Sssttt-Sssttt” Guy & Girl

Cebu City PIO facebook page

They come out at night. Some even want spare change! Just turn to the red light district of Junquera for more fun…


6. The Professional Colon Snatchers

beautiful shoplifter of cebu
via www.palpak.org

They easily blend with their surrounding and they’re experts in their field so always be mindful of your belongings or you might go home without any clothes at all!


7. The Colon Snatcher Deterrents

police in colon street

Police visibility in Colon might deter muggers from doing their business, but you should still be very careful, especially when inside a jeepney.


8. All kinds of vendors staying under a colorful umbrella…

colon street vendors

…from fruits, food, pirated DVDs, bling-blings, sidewalk, name it and Colon’s got it all for you! Special mention to that ID printing guy, the rubber stamp guy and the snatched phone vendor!


9. Foreigners, all kinds of foreigners

foreingers in cebu

A foreigner’s visit in Cebu will never be complete without experiencing the madness of Colon.


10. The beggars

beggars in cebu
Ma Rosario Sanchez via Flickr

They’re as old as Colon… ahh~! I can’t make a humor out of these people!


11. The bums sleeping in front of a prosperous establishment

kids sleeping in colon
Man Villar via Flickr

Nothing offers a more comfortable slumber than sleeping beside an air-conditioned establishment. Just lay a cardboard and you’re good to go!

I love Colon.



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