13 Favorite Non-Electronic Toys We Used To Play As Kids

Posted on: Thursday, March 12, 2015

Before we were introduced to the problems of real world, we were young and wild and free. And not to mention physically fit with all the running and walking when we played our toys. What childhood non-electronic toys you played as a child? Here are some of them:

1. Pogs

kids toys pogs
via reddit

Played by striking one pogs to a stack of pogs, many kids want to collect as much pogs as they could without purchasing one but through playing with others.


2. Teks

teks kids toy
Photo by Dianne Dequiño

Aaannnd this is the most addicting toy I’ve ever played! (Not to mention the first gambling activity I’ve participated)


3. Angry Birds: pre-technology edition


Tirador! Shit’s gotten real if you used pebbles! Hilaw nga ansanitas lang oy!


4. Kisses

kisses toy

I bet you also thought these aromatic little beads “get pregnant” and produce more?


5. Parachute! Weeeee!!!

parachute kids toy
via reddit

You throw it in the air, there’s a chance the parachute won’t deploy but when it would, there’s always a smile in your innocent face. ^_^


6. Or if you’d like the alternate aerial toy…

plastic propeller

Patas-anay ug lupad!


7. Eto, poor kid’s Lego!

poor mans lego toys

Still as enjoyable as Lego!


8. Prepare your rubber bands ’cause we’ll play dampa!

rubber band
UNICEF Philippines via Yahoo! Philippines

This was the reason why your palms were red and in pain…


9. The wooden ‘gun’


Wooden luthangs are too hardcore, I’ll just stick to the ballpen ones! I used santol peelings as “bullets” back then!


10. Plastic balloon!

plastic balloon

Is this toxic? I always asked myself this question every time I blow one.


11. Jolens!!!


Use your fingers to strike the opponents’ jolens! If you lose, strike them on their faces!


12. Pre-technology Beyblade!

top toy kids
Andrew Rabulan via Flickr

What tricks do you know?


13. Back when the grassfield wasn’t yet developed…

saranggola kite
Albert Tumanda via www.pagcor.ph

It’s sad there’s no more open field to play this in my place because a factory was constructed there. T_T


What’s your favorite childhood toy that doesn’t consume electricity or battery? Post it below!



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