13 Jeepney Moments We All Have Experienced

Jeepney is love, jeepney is life.
Posted on: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It’s fun riding a jeepney… until you experience some minor and major inconveniences such as these:


1. Poor driver T_T

dyipney driver
@jaeeenna | Twitter


2. I feel you, sis…

tweet kwentong jeep
@EllenJoyFlores | Twitter


3. When the driver plays a really loud music and you gotta go…

jeepney moments
@MiriamLines | Twitter


4. Worse if they’re playing some JB songs…

jeepney moments playing music inside
@kimberly_III | Twitter


5. Pilosopo, ah!

pilosopo pasahero
@mpaoloaclan | Twitter


6. #HugotLines inside the jeepney… PWEDE!

hugot lines passenger
@xoxoarivic | Twitter


7. The Domino Effect indeed…

domino effect while riding
@mic_villafuerte | Twitter


8. “Nalimutan” daw…

kwentong jeep
@jhnvncntsmsn | Twitter


9. Pilosopo again, but you’re right…

pilosopo passenger pasahero
@pervs17 | Twitter


10. Clearly they don’t know the unspoken “Jeepney Etiquette”.

arte pasahero
@piNoymieeeee | Twitter


11. That’s why I love riding da dyipni!

funny tweets
netteyours23 | Twitter


12. A very nice love quote can spring up from riding a jeepney.

love quote
@gctby | Twitter


13. And the most infuriating experience of them all…

you're late and then this happens
@SamalioNarleen | Twitter


Jeepney is love, jeepney is life. Despite all the hassles, you always reach your intended destination, right?



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