13 Kinds Of Students You’ll Meet In School

Posted on: Thursday, February 12, 2015

School life is filled with lectures, notes, annoying teachers and of course, students. Not all students are created equal, some are more equal than others. Which kind of student are you?

1. The Class Clowns

iskul bukol students

They like to tell funny jokes and never fail to bring the class down. Class clowns are usually slow-witted so they compensate their terrible class performance through their humor. They get along well with every one in the class so they could copy answers from them.


2. The Glamorous Diva

jeane napoles

She roams the campus with a heavy makeup and shiny shoulder bag. She’s one of the richest kid in town – her parents probably owns a pizza restaurant chain (or got the money elsewhere). Though honestly she’s not really beautiful, her ordinary indio face (can’t think of other less offensive word) is seemingly enhanced by her divaness and money. You usually see her hanging out with her attractive girl friends. In her debut, expect a Facebook photo album showing how glamorous her 18th birthday was, complete with artistas and fireworks display.


3. The Siamese Twins

bff classmates

You always see the two of them together, never away from each other and holding hands together. It’s as if they share a single intestine. They’re BFF (Best Friends Forever).


4. The Every Other Students’ Dream Classmate

student achievers

They are the achievers. Every student dreams of becoming like them, being on top of the class and chosen to represent the school in contests, reaping awards here and there. Unlike the nerds or geeks, they are cool, full of confidence and don’t wear glasses. In the class, you can see them reading a book or two and they usually flock together discussing about how they could be of use to the world (or arguing about how the movies ruined the Harry Potter books).


5. The Tito Sotto Wannabe

tito sotto meme copy

Whoever his seatmates are, I pray that they have the patience to accommodate this guy’s annoying habit. Well, you can shout at him, “WHY DIDN’T YOU F@#KING STUDY?”, then he would answer, “Sorry, I forgot, hehehe :)”

Then after school you catch him playing DotA in a nearby internet shop.


6. The Damulag

funny newspaper headline

Hmmm… how do you imagine he looks like? Just think of a large guy with big muscles. He might be considered a bully, but deep inside he’s just broken and his parents are about to sepa— okay, enough with the drama. Report to the principal or the dean if you’re being bullied, or just… befriend him I guess?


7. The Activists

students protesting


They’re usual activities include: complaining, complaining, and complaining but then does that really lead to something?


8. The Almighty Nanay

mother goes to school
TV5 News

Yeah, she stopped schooling because she got pregnant. The Almight Nanay is usually very serious in her studies because she’s mature and you’re naive so take heed of her advice – study first before gugma!


9. The ‘Crush ng Bayan’

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul or baifern
via Tumblr

Guys are going crazy about her. She’s got like 2000 followers on FB and Twitter and you’re probably stalking her profile right now. With porcelain skin and hair dyed with coffee, she’s the campus crush and the muse during the intramurals. Her male counterpart resembles Daniel Padilla: tall, waxed hair, and a medyo bad boy attitude.


10. The Lovers

bitter single
BRYN J | @OhCoolLbryan

Love is truly in the air this Valentine’s – evident from the couples everywhere you go, from the streets filled with snatchers and barkers to the school campus where every bench is occupied by love birds.


11. The Losers – I mean… Nerds

pinoy nerd

If you watch TV or movies it’s usually the nerds who are considered as losers. They wear glasses and cary a backpack larger than their lean body. Are the movies accurate though? I’m a school nerd and I’m actually cool in school (HOW I WISH!).


12. The Varsity

kobe paras

When you have the brawn but not the brains and really need to snag that scholarship, join the varsity team! NO, NO, don’t get mad I’m just joking! It’s really hard to play sports AND study you know, so it’s kinda understandable if you just don’t get high grades while playing the basketball or volleyball.


13. The Unpopular Student

dog winking and pointing at you

Yeah, I’m pointing at you. The unpopular student with average grades, average face, nothing extraordinary. You’re basically invisible to every one else except your friends. You usually take pride in getting a passing score without copying from your seatmate. You probably play some online games and has a Facebook album filled with pictures of you and your barkada doing wacky poses. Your family probably owns a motorcycle which your kuya uses to take you from home to school. Good night.



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