8 Common Questions Asked By Guys Who Never Had A Girlfriend

Girlfriend? What creature is that?
Posted on: Saturday, June 13, 2015

NGSB = No Girlfriend Since Birth

Having never experienced being in a relationship can be confusing at times, especially when reading your Facebook feed about #RelationshipGoals. Now that you’re back to school again, do you have the gall to ask your crush? What does having a girlfriend even feel? Here are the common questions asked by guys who are never been in a relationship:


1. “When I give her flowers, what does she do with it?”

girl eats flower

It’s the same thing she does when you give her chocolates… she eats it. Or she just leave it on the table to wilt.


2. “Do girls really like guys who can play the guitar?”

knowing how to guitar gets you a girlfriend

Probably, especially when performing a good harana. Being able to play the guitar helps if you’re not particularly handsome.


3. “Does owning a car add Pogi Points?”

owning a car this guys in love with you mare vice ganda toni gonzaga
ABS-CBN | Star Cinema

Being rich do have its edge. Most girls nowadays are practical.


4. “Why are some girls attracted to old white guys?”

santa claus
ldc_artistcenter | Flickr

See above question. They are linked.


5. “What about those who are attracted to other girls???”

wag sya donnalyn bartolome
FlipMusicRecordsPH youtube channel

Perhaps they’re tired of boys?


6. “How do I know if she likes me too?”

how to know if girls likes you

Just read this Wikihow article… or JUST ASK HER STRAIGHT!!!


7. “She already has a BF. Should I just stop fancying her?”

no other woman
Star Cinema

You know there’s a saying, “Mailog man gani na’ng yuta nga naay titulo, uyab pa kaha?”


8. How do I ask his father for her?

kylie robin padilla

You don’t. You just let yourself get beaten.


In a nutshell, stop being a torpe (like me). But don’t forget to study first!



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