9 Headache-Inducing Moments When Commuting In Cebu

Better take some Paracetamol with you!
Posted on: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Commuting can be a nightmare in Cebu, although I heard it’s worse in Manila. Commuting in Cebu might give you a headache or worse, you might faint. So be sure to bring some medicine ’cause you might experience these 9 things in one single day:


1. Lack of Waiting Shed

cebuano commuters

Oh, so you’re waiting for a ride to SM? Just take a seat as several overloaded SM jeepneys pass by while the sun is slowly roasting your skin. There’s no waiting shed and you’re sweating profusely, or worse, it starts to rain.


2. Sardines Jeepney During Rush Hour

jeepney ride in cebu

It’s not even full — it’s overloaded. You can’t even kapyot and it’s getting late at night. Good luck if you’re a kol senner agent!


3. Taxi Drivers Asking for ‘Extra’


So it’s already 2 AM and no more jeepneys in sight. You hail for a taxi and behold, he’ll ask for ‘extra fare’ since it’s already dawn. Suppy & Demand can be a bitch.


4. All Kinds of Beggars

beggars in cebu
Ma Rosario Sanchez via Flickr

The street becomes a catwalk for beggars when the traffic light is red. These beggars come in all varieties — from a pregnant woman carrying a baby to greasy kids to someone who brings their blind family member. And you’re out of coins.


5. Hulog-Hulog Piso Gang

hulog hulog piso gang
via Facebook

And the police force still hasn’t caught these guys. *Sigh* So be always vigilant especially if you own an expensive smartphone!


6. Uneven Traffic Flow

ac cortes cebu traffic
via Lapu-Lapu City Weather facebook page


The other lane is smooth-flowing while your lane is congested. I heard on Facebook that the traffic light is to blame for this.

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-07-01 15-02-00


7. The Waiting Period

vin diesel jeepney
via www.gmanetwork.com

You have to be early on the jeepney terminal ’cause the driver’s gotta make sure the jeep’s full before sailing. (Oh, walo-walo ni, kuwang pa’g tagsa!!!)


8. Road Repairs, Road Repairs Everywhere!

road repair in mandaue cebu

Why are they simultaneously fixing or widening the road now that election is coming? Hmmm…


9. Floods


This is the worst. And wearing rain boots isn’t fashionable. God help you if you’re stranded, so pag-COC lang sa!


Maybe the proposed Bus Rapid Transit would solve our miserable situation? Or would you love to ride a subway train?



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