9 Lessons I’ve Learned Going To Public School

School is cool, unless if you’re studying in a public school.
Posted on: Friday, March 6, 2015

Education is a right. That’s why the government built public schools for the poor – ahem – less privileged.

I admit I used to be envious of those rich kids who could manage to study at a private school ’cause no matter how politicians (during the election season) sugarcoated their achievements of how they’ve improved the state of public schools, they were still shit (to be fair, they’re improving now… slightly).

However, being in a terrible institution has its perks though – I learned a hell LOT of lessons going through this shit like:

1. Books are important… WAIT, WHAT BOOKS?

“Okay class, here’s your T.L.E. books. One book must be shared by five students, okay?”

textbooks in public schools

I once lost my Sibika at Kultura book once and I have to pay like ₱250 for that. My asshole of a teacher took it and never gave it back. So be thankful that your parents pay for your books, that they’re clean and new, because if you went to public school you’d receive worn-out books (are they even books?) with some penis scribbles on them (that’s the signature of the previous owner).

Oh, did I mention that we didn’t have library back then?


2. Incompetent teachers exist…

And here I thought teachers need to pass some licensure exam to be able to teach.

Probably some were just lucky to pass or cheated their way ’cause I know a lot of them back in my school days. Some are always absent, some have no clue what they teach and just smile (Maybe their salary isn’t just enough to warrant their time and energy).

Sshhh… there’s even this teacher who would give us the answer key of the periodic exams. I still remember the answer key of Sibika test:

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. Thomasites


3. How easy it is to cut classes.

How did I get past the grumpy sikyu?

cutting classes in public schools

Every Wednesday the garbage truck would enter the premises so the gates would go “Open Sesame!” There other ways of getting out of school like climbing the high fence but it takes cooperation to do so. What I definitely learned is to choose your school barkada wisely, or you’ll end up becoming a delinquent like me.


4. Pretty chicks are such a rare sight.

diego of bubble gang

I – I’m not bashing my former female classmates but being a public school attended by poor – I mean less privileged students, this observation holds true: that rich girls are usually attractive and poor girls are usually [$%^].  So my advice to you boy, is to wait for college or better yet, wait till you got a proper job and you’ll earn your much deserved pretty chick.


5. I learned that Global Warming is indeed real.

Everybody’s hot – the teacher, the classmates, the room…

public school classroom in the philippines

A public school classroom typically accommodates 50-70 students. It’s kinda fine, unless if your in a room with broken electric fan. With no fan to circulate the air, the carbon dioxide that’s simultaneously exhaled by 60 people will clump inside that tiny room and the temperature rises. The teacher would then ask everyone to donate like ₱30/student to buy your classroom some cheap ceiling fan. I am told that it’s not proper to say “Global Warming”, it’s “Climate Change”. Oh, okay.


6. I learned how to take down notes using my lap.

It’s really hard to focus on the lecture when your armchair is no longer an “armchair”…

student writing

YEAH, THAT’S MY REASON WHY I GOT PITIFUL GRADES BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL! Try taking down notes while in that position, it’s hard and annoying.


7. Don’t trust the roof!

Oh God, one of my worst classrooms was something like this:

public school
photo by Sidney Snoeck

Cracked walls, broken floor, wooden windows with missing slats, and most importantly, the rusted roof poked with thousands holes (yeah, we didn’t have a ceiling). That’s why when it’s about to rain during the lecture, just prepare yo’ raincoats, prepare yo’ umbrellas ’cause yo’ definitely get wet! Now bask in your air-conditioned classroom and don’t complain!


8. I learned the ways of the Janitor

It’s because we DIDN’T have a janitor – WE are the janitor!

brigada eskwela
Samuel Macagba via Rappler

The teacher would assign students to do the chores after the class. Yeah, we would sweep and scrub the floor and water the plants. It’s like Brigada Eskwela every day!

Cleaning attendance was recorded and if you had absences, you’d have to pay it with this:

star wax floor wax
via Youtube


9. Bullies are real.

Yeah, I also thought they only exists in movies (and China hehe).

school bully

My bully acted that way because probably he’s raised in a shanty town. I’m not saying that these kind of people are uncivilized but I got a fair share of bad experiences in their company.

Also for chrissakes, if you’re being bullied, report it to the school or your parents. That’s what I did, and my grandma almost struck the poor bully with her walking stick.

Anyway, have a nice schooling everyone!



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