9 Pinoy Celebrities Who Never Seem To Grow Old

Posted on: Friday, February 20, 2015

Artista throwback! Which Pinoy celebrities┬ádon’t seem to grow old? You judge these photos:

1. Ariel Rivera

ariel rivera, pinoy celebrities that dont grow old
via Youtube | via kapamilyanewsngayon.blogspot.com


2. Agot Isidro

agot isidro then and now
Yahoo | ABS-CBN


3. Richard Gomez

richard gomez then and now
metrozines.com | Richard Gomez Instagram


4. Dawn Zulueta

dawn zulueta then and now
@DawnZpost | Twitter


5. Miriam Quiambao

miriam quiambao then and now
www.veestarz.com | pep.ph


6. Vina Morales

vina morales then and now
Flickr | ABS-CBN


7. Edu Manzano

edu manzano then and now
tarstarkas.net | Edu Manzano Instagram


8. Lorna Tolentino

lorna tolentino then and now
Lorna Tolentino FB page | ABS-CBN


9. Dennis Trillo

dennis trillo then and now
via pinoyexchange.com | pep.ph


Do you think these celebrities are vampires? Or just the power of “thank you doc” and makeup?



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