9 Rare Photos Of Dr. Jose Rizal You’ve Probably Never Seen

Can you recognize our national hero in these photos?
Posted on: Friday, May 22, 2015

June 19, 1861 is Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthday and he’ll be 154 years old this 2015. Here are some rare photos of him just hanging out with friends, doing what an ordinary guy did in the 19th century.


Can you recognize him in these photos?


1. A young Pepe

young jose rizal
via Tumblr

So far the caption by Antonio Abad goes: Rizal was made a Master Mason on November 15, 1890 at Logia Solidaridad 53 in Madrid, Spain. He affiliated with a lodge under the jurisdiction of Grand Orient of France on October 14, 1891, and was made honorary Worshipful Master of Nilad Lodge No. 144 in 1892. There he delivered a lecture entitled “La Masoneria”.


2. Jose Rizal in 1879

jose rizal in 1879
via www.filipiknow.net

He’s about 18 years old at that time while studying in University of Santo Tomas.


3. Jose Rizal in Paris

rizal and luna
via www.positivelyfilipino.com

While in Europe, Pepe was passionate about fencing, along with his friend, the distinguished Filipino painter, Juan Luna (left) and Valentin Ventura.


4. Here’s another photo of Rizal and Luna fencing:

fencing rizal and juan luna
via Tumblr

It’s kinda hard to pose for a photo back then since you had to pose for several minutes for the photo to develop.


5. Rizal & co. GETTING drunk…

jose rizal drunk party
via mcoy.blogspot.com

Seated from left to right: Jose Rizal, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera, and Juan Luna. The man behind Luna is possibly their waiter. Taken from Ambeth R. Ocampo facebook page.


6. Rizal & co. ALREADY drunk…

jose rizal drunk
via mcoy.blogspot.com

Pardo de Tavera is on the floor unconscious, the waiter has joined the group, and Rizal is about to hurl an apple on the hapless Trinidad. Taken from Ambeth R. Ocampo facebook page.


7. Pepe posing for a Juan Luna portrait:

rizal posing for juan luna portrait
from Antonio Abad

Jose Rizal (at the front) with friends Trinidad Hermenegildo Pardo de Tavera (right) and Félix Pardo de Tavera (in the back).


8. What strange costumes!

jose rizal
from Antonio Abad

Jose Rizal (standing 1st from the left) and María de la Paz Pardo de Tavera (standing 2nd from the left) and friends.


9. Pepe candidly smiling at the back.

jose rizal picture
from Antonio Abad

Juliana Gorricho vda. de Pardo de Tavera (seated at the center with baby Andres Luna y Pardo de Tavera) with María de la Paz Pardo de Tavera y Gorricho de Luna (standing 2nd from the right) and Jose Rizal (standing 2nd from the left).



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