Australian News Picks Up ‘Ayala Ceiling Collapse’ Story

Is that how severe the incident that it received international attention?
Posted on: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Australian news site The Sydney Morning Herald has picked up the story of how Ayala Cinema 5’s ceiling has collapsed.

ceiling collapse ayala
The Sydney Morning Herald


Is that really how severe the incident that it was picked up by an international news?

Don’t panic. According to the latest report, no one was killed during the collapse of Ayala Cebu Cinema 5’s ceiling, although it left a bitter taste in the mouths of our Australian friends.


Did I just say AustralianYes. That’s why it was picked up by an Australian news site.

ayala collapse
The Sydney Morning Herald


According to Amanda Hoh of The Sydney Morning Herald, IT company Dreamscape Network was holding a brand relaunch event held at the said cinema before the incident happened. Dreamscape is the parent holding company for an Australian internet domain name provider.


In their interview with the company’s CEO, Mark Evans, who was there during the incident:


“They [Ayala] were trying to sweep things under the carpet. They made no apology whatsoever, made no effort. It was total negligence, their emergency procedures were awful.”

And that’s how the Ayala incident got picked up by an international news.



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