On Why Pinoy Dota Gamers Are Hated Around The World

What did they do wrong?
Posted on: Saturday, January 3, 2015

Filipinos love Dota (and currently, its successor: Dota 2). That’s unquestionable. Dota’s probably the most popular computer game in the country.

dota 2

It’s no wonder why the song ‘Dota o Ako’ got almost 20 million views on Youtube. Well, the song is good on its own too.

And just look at this cluster map showing the player activity around the world – you could no longer see the Philippines. Just how many Pinoys are playing Dota2?

dota2 cluster map

Yes, Filipinos of all ages play Dota. So why are they hated around the world?

pinoy dota2 hate
via Reddit | Yahoo Answers

That’s the problem: ALL AGES. Even the immature kids can play the game (and they say Dota is hard to learn).

pinoy gamers during flood

 Another reason is the PC culture in the country. Most Filipino players play in internet shops together with friends and if one friend misbehaves in-game, you know that the others would follow. Monkey see, monkey do.

filipino dota 2 teams
Mineski-Dota | MSI Evolution

One final reason I could add is that the Philippines has the most number of players in the Southeast Asia, so it’s kinda makes your perception biased when you encounter Pinoy players in almost every Dota game you play.

team mineski dota2

Love them or hate them, Filipino Dota players are one of the most passionate gamers in the world!

dota2 tournament in sm cebu
People of Cebu



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