Watch How These Thieves Rob An Unwary Customer In Panagdait, Cebu

Be always mindful of your belongings!
Posted on: Thursday, June 18, 2015

Theft in broad daylight!Happened on a Saturday, one of my family member was in Burger King (Panagdait Mabolo, Cebu city branch) around 4pm.*cctv footage was provided by Burger King.There were 3 clear suspects and the, to be debated 4th suspect is the girl wearing yellow on the upper left corner can be seen on 0:27 of the video.Suspect 1 bumped the table spilling the drink, when the victim turned his head to the other side suspects 2 and 3 grabbed the bag and fled.These thieves are Everywhere even on well lighted, crowded and decent places. Do not leave your valuables unattended even for a second or have your bag strapped with you at all times.We tried reporting to the police and filed a report- we are waiting for an update from them nalang. Hoping that this will serve as a lesson to everyone and we could share it to our loved ones.If you happen to have an idea on the theives please do shoot me a message.This video is copyrighted and owned by the uploader.

Posted by Kenny Tiu on Wednesday, June 17, 2015


A group of three (or arguably four) people robbed an unwary guy’s bag in a Burger King branch in Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City. The group’s modus operandi which was caught on CCTV camera is a reminiscent of how the classic Salisi Gang works. As narrated by the video poster himself:


theft in burger king panagdait mabolo cebu


A reminder to all those who are fond of eating in restaurants or hanging out in coffee shops: Always be mindful of your belongings especially when you’re alone!



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