5 Most Commonly Used Sinulog Props

Posted on: Saturday, January 17, 2015

Feet dancing to the beat of the music, hands waving in the air and the synchronized movements of the Sinulog dancers uplift our sleeping soul to its lively and entertaining performances. But other than their well-rehearsed choreography, our heads turn and our mouth widely open in amazement onto their extravagantly amazing and creative costumes and props.

Because it’s the Sinulog fever, here’s our list of the most used Sinulog props we repeatedly encounter.

5. Candles

sinulog dancers raising candles

Who says candles are only used during brownouts? Not anymore.

4. Spanish Style Hat and Fan

Getty Images

Reliving our history via these fashionable hats and fans.

3. Basket

basket props used in sinulog
adlaw | Flickr

This can be used as a backpack.

2. Flowers

sinulog props

Wave those flowers in a ‘single single and double double’ tune.

1. Bilao or Circular Basket

bilao used as sinulog props
adlaw | Flickr

The shield against the raging heat of the sun.


These may be common Sinulog props but these are customized by the participants and could take months of pouring their hearts out to create such wondrous and impressive work of art.

Good luck to the Sinulog paticipants! Pit Senyor!!!



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