5 Astonishing Pinoy Celebrity Houses

I want that one! Wait.. no, that one
Posted on: Monday, February 9, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

We Filipinos dream of having our own houses. Big and fancy houses. We look up to those who have achieved their dream house, and with that, we work hard to achieve ours.

 For those who are working hard to achieve their dream house, here are some of our local celebrities’ houses that you can make as an inspiration:


Ai Ai Delas Alas’ Mansion

ai ai delas alas
Ai Ai's Mansion

With more or less 2 decades in the industry, the actress/comedienne now an EDM artist built her dream house in a spacious old golf course which she bought.



Coco Martin’s Niche

Coco Martin
Coco's house

Indie actor turned mainstream worked with his blood, sweat, and tears to have this kind of house.

Everything pays off with hard work.



The Gonzaga Sister’s Home

Alex and Toni Gonzaga
Alex and Toni Gonzaga's Home

Though these pretty sisters are born in a wealthy living, they still carve their own names in the field of TV and Movies. With all of that, they manage to  expand their house. Now it is equivalent to 3 houses.

They bought their surrounding neighbor’s houses and refurbished it somehow made a way to connect it to the main house.



Vice Ganda’s Domain

Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda's House

From the slums, he paved his own way to stardom. The comedian who only have shows on small comedy bars is now the biggest star on Philippine Comedy Scene.

Told you… Hard work. And passion.



(and the team’s personal favorite)



The Queen Of All Media’s Kingdom

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino's House

Is there anything else I can say about her? You guys know all the things about her.




So did you get some inspiration from those? Just always remember: to achieve anything you want, it maybe a car, a new phone, a house… work for it. Nothing is more satisfying in seeing your dreams materialize because of your own sweat. And. . .


No matter how big a house is; It’s no match for a HOME.



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