How Tourists Are Slowly Killing Tumalog Falls

You know we’ll get you!
Posted on: Monday, April 6, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

Yes, personally I’ve been there, I saw the beauty and grandeur of the Tumalog Falls. I saw how good mother nature is by providing us a scenic place. . .

Tumalog falls


But I’ve also seen how it is slowly dying.

How tourists are slowly killing it!

Tumalog Adventure-29

Tumalog Trash-11

Bringing earthly goods and leaving them behind this beautiful place. Bringing trash! How could this people have the guts to destroy such place!?

Instead of appreciating and caring for this kind of place, tourist themselves are the one killing it. For that, they should be punished.

Can’t you see? You’re bringing happy memories but leaving trashes! You’re destroying her beauty.

Tumalog Trash-8

Look at what you’ve done:

Tumalog Trash-7

Tumalog Trash-10

Tumalog Trash-18

Tumalog Trash-15

So this is what you’ll teach your kids? Disposing garbage anywhere?

Tumalog Trash-12

Tumalog Trash-2

Tumalog Trash-3

Great! Now we’re doomed!

 To all those who are concern, let’s do something about this! And for those tourists who are destroying the place, you know we’ll get you soon.

As I’ve seen the place, I was torn between anguish and sadness. Anguish in the sense that the place itself is also suffering because of those mindless bastards that visited AND ruined the place. Sadness because of the fact that those we consider tourists don’t have the heart to take good care of the place. They should be helping us in preserving such gift, but look what they’ve done! They’re slowly killing her, slowly killing the beautiful falls. And I can’t stop imagining how the said falls cries as those people dump garbage on her. My heart is crushed.

To all those who cares, I hope this will open your eyes. Open to the reality that we are not simply tourist, not just merely visitors… but we are also responsible for taking care and preserving  nature’s gift.

We are so lucky to have and witness this kind of ethereal beauty. So PLEASE, let us be all RESPONSIBLE TOURIST.

Tumalog Adventure-21

Let’s create a culture of Responsible Tourism.



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