Mixtape For Last Year

Posted on: Friday, January 2, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

Another year is done, time to face another one! But before we full throttle into 2015, let’s take an overview of the last year through these songs:


For The Ones Who Finally Found Who They Are

And starting to live the life they want, and with meaning. They finally feel alive!



and for those Who Decided To Get Out Of The Closet and Stand For Themselves.

Stand up. We are all born to be free!



To Those Who Lost Someone

blaming yourself and others will bring no good. Just cry it all out.



For The Light Hearted Who Cried And Fall Inlove

theres no in between either you cry or you lose yourself to someone. Better to burn out your heart with heartaches and love than to let it fade away feeling nothing.




Cheers To Those Brave Souls Who Doesn’t Give Up

stand up and shake it all out!


Kudos to everyone. We survived another year. It has been a rough drive but we made it. Now its another road trip, for sure it will never come easy. But, hey! We just surpassed one.




Wait! Here’s a bonus track for those who want to replay and relive their past year.



Good Luck And May Everyone Have A Happy New Year!



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