Old Houses In Cebu That’ll Make You Revisit The Province

Ato ning adtuon, na!
Posted on: Friday, February 13, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

Almost all of the youngsters today are dreaming of having a big house, the one worth featuring in lifestyle magazines.

But have you thought of how old houses here in Cebu looks like before modern industrialization took place?

Here’s a snippet:



Residence of Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo

Residence of Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo

the residence of the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu. Built around the 19th century, surely houses from those era stood the the test of time.

It is now Cebuano Lifestyle Museum.



 Bahay Na Bato

Bahay N a Bato

A classic example of Bahay Na Bato. This one of the oldest house here in Cebu, built around 1738.

Of course mostly built of stone and only 1 storey, and if it’s a 2 storey, the 2nd level is now made of wood. HA! Stronger than British engineering!



 The Yap-San Diego Ancestral House

yap-sandiego ancestral house

Located in Parian district, it gives us traces to Spanish era, where wealthier Filipino (especially Cebuanos with Chinese Ancestry) live in this kind of house.

As you notice, most house before are made of solid stones or concrete on the first level, while it is made up of wood in the 2nd level with wide surrounding windows.



Balay Na Tisa

Balay Na Tisa

Or just locally known as “Tisa”, and located in Carcar. This is also a Spanish colonial house, built in February 2, 1859 and owned by Don Roman Sarmiento.

Such a classic beauty!



Mercado Mansion

Mercado Mansion

Still hailing from Carcar, along the street of Sta. Catalina. This old mansion is owned by then Mayor Mariano Mercado, completed in 1906.

mmhmm.. I’ll make Carcar as a priority.




So that’s a short list of what houses look like before. Like what they said; you can’t proceed to the future if you don’t know your past.

For those dreaming and planning on what their dream house would look like, you might use the above mentioned as an inspiration.




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