Perks Of Being A Drunkard

Let’s Cheers To This!!!
Posted on: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

I’m sure we all know that someone who is habitually drunk. Gets gin or beer for breakfast instead of coffee. And for some of us, those kind of people are pest. But hey, I’m sure you don’t know this. . .

They have some tricks under their sleeves





when they’re drunk, any vehicle they handle becomes AUTOPILOT!!! They still manage to get home. And take note: Safely.

But kids: Driving under the influence is still a big no no!



The Articulate And Wise

getting drunk, getting wise

as soon as the spirit kicks in, instantly they get so wise. Giving you advices like they’re Plato.

And they speak English!!!


sometimes they get generous


The Drunk Santa

drunk santa

this is something in your advantage kids! ha!


The best part is when they become. . .


Authentic And Vulnerable


They became in touch and honest with their feelings. They vent it all out.

Believe me, this is going to be a looong talk.



On a serious note; Others may get better when they’re drinking or when they’re drunk but it is still not good, especially when it gets too much. Remember, anything too much is destructive.

So for the record: Drink Moderately.




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