Reasons Why Students Don’t Tell Their Parent They Have Failing Grade

I have something to say. . .
Posted on: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

To all my fellow students, I know you’ve also been into this;  the dreadful situation where you tell your parents that you have… ughmmm..  fa.. fai.. failing.. failing grades.


Here’s why students are afraid in this kind of situation:



Parents don’t listen and don’t understand your explanations

Not listening

Why do they always think that we don’t give our best in school? It’s not that easy. . .



As soon as they hear the news, they turn into some ferocious wild monster

mom turns into a monster

. . .mom?



After you tell them the news

suspecting parents

they become suspicious and don’t trust you that much this time.



But hey, maybe it’s just your morbid imagination. There are always a good side to everything, just try and face the situation.

And to parents out there, please listen to your kids first. They might have a good reason, or just understand them after all you’ve also been into school life.



Wait, kids, if your parents do the above mentioned

You know the drill. 🙂



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