Tonight Is More Than Just A Boring Wednesday Night

It’s Ms. Cebu 2015 Coronation Night!
Posted on: Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez

You maybe thinking: “Pfft! Another midweek boring madness.” Wait, don’t tell me you’re living in a cave?! Man, read your Facebook news feed!

Tonight is Miss Cebu 2015 Coronation Night!!!


Let’s take a recap on which beauty to watch out for tonight. And a twiddly bits on what they got from the Pre-pageant Night:



Candidate No. 1 – Ms. Soon-To-Be-Lawyer

24 year old Hanica Rachel Arhia Ong is currently taking up BA-LGM (LAW) at the University of San Carlos.

Candidate no. 1

If you guys want to win her heart, you must OBEY by the RULES.



Candidate No. 2 – The nurse that will make your heart skip a beat

An OR Staff Nurse at Cebu Velez General Hospital. Febb C. Flores finished her bachelor’s degree at Cebu Velez College.

Candidate No. 2

With that 5 feet and 4 inches medicinal beauty… Ooh! I wanna be confined!



Candidate No. 3 – The face of BPO Industry

Currently she’s working at Convergys Philippines. She is also a graduate of BS Nursing at the Cebu Normal University.

Candidate No. 3

Let’s see what she’ll have for us tonight.



Candidate No. 4 – Ms. Math Wiz

Aivy Mae Castro  is currently studying BSBA-MGT Accountancy at the University of Cebu

Candidate No. 4

and obviously. . . she’s good at Math. How I wish she’s my seatmate during math class. I really need answers, oh! I mean help!



Candidate No. 5 – The Specialist

This 22 year old stunning lady had her Masters in Business Administration at the University of San Carlos. Katherine is also connected to Ayala Lands Inc. as a property specialist

Candidate No. 5

This girl is just Dynamic!!!



Candidate No. 6 – Another Math Wiz

Rio Liza Vestil is also a BS Accountancy at the University of San Carlos.Candidate No. 6

Why are they so good at math?!



Candidate No. 7 – Wait, Another Medicinal Beauty(?)

Lucena Rose Magdadaro, 23 years old is another BS Nursing student of Cebu Velez College.

Candidate No. 7

Wait, mhmm… I’ve noticed a trend in here



Candidate No. 8 – The artist in the group

23 year old Catherine Mier  has a degree in Fine Arts that she took up at University of San Carlos Technological Center

Candidate No. 8

Do I need to learn to draw to have her??? Anyways, definitely waiting for her tonight!



Candidate No. 9 – The one that completes the Medicinal Beauty Trio

At a young age of 23, Rosalyn Clavano is now the manager of Intellicare Asalus Corp. Also a nursing graduate.

Candidate No. 9

Now I’m confused which nurse to choose! Wait I forgot to tell you, she won as Ms. Gems and Designs last Pre-pageant night. Pretty face!



Candidate No. 10 – Ms. Multi tasker

Ma. Genefe Navilon is both a student of AB Mass Communication at University of San Jose Recoletos and working as a model of WAFER Models Phils.

Candidate No. 10

For sure, lots of Josenians will cheer for her. Ehem!!! Josenian…



Candidate No. 11 – Ms. Future Architect

21 year old Domenic Reynes is a student of University of San Carlos, taking up BS Architecture

Candidate No. 11

God! Why did I quit Engineering?!! I should’ve met her!



Candidate No. 12 – The Iskolar Ng Bayan

Ms. Wynonah here is a 20 year old  BS Mass Communication student of the University of the Philippines

Candidate No. 12

She’s too smart for me… By the way she won 2 awards last Pre-pageant night; Ms. Ayala Fiesta Island and Best in Fun Wear.




Now tell me, is it still a boring wednesday night? I bet by now you’re getting ready for tonight. So who’s your bet?

See you all guys later for the Coronation Night. Let’s all watch out and cheer for these Eye Candies.



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