7 Things Filipinos Should Do When Caught In Traffic

Don’t you just love sitting in your car?
Posted on: Thursday, April 9, 2015

If you’re stuck in traffic, I don’t know if you can still think of things to do instead of yelling outside for the worst day of your life. Oh, are you in a hurry? Check out these usual and UNusual things we’ve listed for you. You may find them useful, and you may not. But at least, you’ve got something to do in your car!

1. Bang to the good ‘ol classics on the radio.

turning on radio in car


2. Read a book, or open a magazine! Just to keep pumping up your mood.


You might even care to read a Bible!


3. Segregate some filthy garbages in your car, and organize your clutters. EW!



4. Relieve some stress and call your mom. Or someone you’ve missed so much, your lovely girlfriend or some good ol’ friend.

obama meme


5. Do the thing social climbers do — Tweet about it. Or Instagrammit. Or whatever.



#EDSAkaba #BagalMoKasi #TrafficJAM #KatkatOnTheMoves


6. Trim your nails, pick your nose, q-tip your ears… Anything! No one will see!



7. Meditate, find a little time to take a deeeeep breath. But don’t take a nap.


You might as well want to pray. ^_^


I’ve heard a priest once said: “We all have some of those annoying little things, and¬† the Almighty¬† just probably want you to take time and have a little recollection on yourself. He’s probably delaying you, to take care of you; who knows, there’s a dead end waiting along the road!”.

Yeah, this ‘annoying little traffic thing’. ‘Tis the time to relax dude!

Do you know what else to do when stuck traffic? Comment below!



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