Manokan Country: Bacolod’s Famous Chicken Inasal Eatery Will Soon Say Goodbye

Oh, my chicken!
Posted on: Monday, April 6, 2015

A breaking news will literally break every Bacolodnon’s heart.

For just this week, a very reliable source from the Visayan Daily Star of Bacolod, has articulated that the present administration of Manokan Country is planning to sell the site to some 300 million peso investment!

sarap ng manok sa bacolod

But first, for those of you who don’t know Manokan Country, it is one of the famous landmarks of the City of Smiles and one of the major tourist attractions that Filipinos and foreigners alike would love to visit while in Bacolod.


Oh no, how could any genuine Bacolodnon ever think of removing this yummy, I mean renowned site?!



It is one of the landmarks that have become a vital part of Bacolod! And its incomparable Chicken Inasal has even made the City of Smiles famous! But just for the sake of commerce, the site will soon be demolished? Huhuhu… I can’t bear not passing by to eat there when going through SM!

Bacolod 048


It’s like, our very own Chicken Inasal was born there! Like chicharon of Cebu, empanada of the Ilocanos, and Bicol Express of Bicolanos! I cannot even imagine where the cheerful people of MassKara Festival will stop by, if not at the Manokan Country. I wonder if they will ever be cheerful!

Bacolod 049


And hey, moreover! I also heard that there have been meetings already being held on how to implement this scheme, and aside from the unfaithful payment of rentals, this present administration just had the greatest excuse to slowly move the occupants out of the site: the road repair thing nearby!


Oh, my chicken! Why are they even repairing the roads when they’re still effing functional?!


So, what do you think folks?



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