6 Kinds Of Mornings That Filipinos Wake Up To

Posted on: Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A man’s day is usually made up of three different timelines: morning, noon and night. When we were kids, we learned that our journey throughout the day starts with the morning – we eat our breakfast, iron our clothes, prepare for work and bid our loved ones goodbye and be on our way to the rest of our day. But what makes mornings really interesting is that we respond to it in our own ‘unique’ way. Did you know that there is actually a classification as to what kind of mornings we wake up to? Let us take a peek at Filipinos’ kind of mornings.

1) The 5-Minute Morning

Now you might be thinking “wow, how incredible that one could manage a morning in only five minutes.” What it actually means is that you woke up late and only have five minutes left for preparation, which means you’re doomed.

morning going to work

You’re either late for school or work and you have to manage your usual morning routine within the short amount of time, which is quite an incredible feat to achieve considering the situation.

2) Deja Vu

This kind of morning only has one routine: Wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep and so on. The whole sequence repeats itself until you realize that it’s already time for lunch.



It’s basically like Deja Vu wherein you think you have already awaken before, when in fact you’re just repeating a sequence of waking up and then sleeping again.

3) DJ in Bed

Did you know that you could be master of musical mixing in your own bed?

alarm clock

This is the kind of morning that happens to people who sets up multiple alarms and never really waking up to any of them. Much like a DJ, this person never wants to stop the music even if it means “bringing the house down”.

4) The Zookeeper

One obvious hint: Animals!

Rooster Wake up Call


There is a strict requirement to having the ‘Zoo Keeper’ morning. You need to be surrounded by noisy animals that would howl, bark and crow endlessly in the morning. Free alarm clock.

5) Mission Impossible

Sounds exciting right? Yet ironically, this is the type of morning wherein you do absolutely nothing except sleep.

sleeping baby


Mission impossible as in IMPOSSIBLE to wake up. Whether it’s drizzling outside or you’re lying in your favorite soft pillow, there are several factors that make waking up in the morning impossible for man.

6) The Perfect Morning

waking up a good mornings

Well, the title says it all. This is the kind of morning that every person would want to have.


You’ve woken up to the alarm you’ve set, breakfast is ready, your clothes for the day are ironed, and you still have enough time to watch your favorite morning show. Flawless! Be warned though, this can sometimes be too idealistic, and happens only a few times.

So, what kind of morning did you have today?



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