10 Reasons Why Dating Psych Majors Are The Best

For the record! We don’t read minds!!!
Posted on: Thursday, April 16, 2015

It has come to my attention that a lot of people think that dating Psychology majors are probably the worst thing you can do to your life. Well I beg to disagree.

Here are 10 reasons why Psych majors are worth your time and effort.

1. They are really good listeners.


They are training to be counselors and therapists, after all. You can talk to them and I promise you they will have an open mind about your problem, whatever that may be. Lupig pa’s Papa Joe!


2. They are really thoughtful.


To the point that they can sense what you’re thinking, even before you say them out loud. They’re awesome like that. Not creepy!



3. Just because they study crazy people doesn’t make them crazy.


Despite popular belief, hanging out in mental wards and treating patients with mental disorders does not make you crazy.



4. They are sensitive in a good way.

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They have this learned gut feel to know if someone is feeling bad or if someone needs to be comforted or someone to talk to. Connection is key to every relationship.



5. Just because they know the criteria for a psychotic disorder doesn’t mean they’re continuously diagnosing everyone.

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If they stare too long at you, it’s probably because you have something in your face, not because they are already thinking of ways to strap you into a mental facility.



6. They are fun to be around.


And you can learn a lot from them too. From basic social norms to symptoms of psychological disorders, they can tell you fun facts about the human behavior for trivia.



7. They give the world a different perspective.


A violent crazy person might seem dangerous to you, but Psych majors think of them as people who are having neurological psychotic disorders. They enhance your medical vocabulary. Deal with it!



8. You can get to know yourselves better because of them.


Try hanging out with a Psych major and you can honestly learn more about yourselves. As long as you talk with them, of course.



9. They are not bitter.


Yes, it is conceded that there will always be a phase wherein an ex-person would hate their former girl/boyfriends, but Psych majors tend to rationalize things and to think outside of themselves, so their ‘bitter’ phase is shorter than normal people. Just ask your heartbroken Psych major friend.


10. We are the best partners you will ever have.


From being thoughtful to being good listeners, we Psych majors will always think outside of ourselves because that’s what we do. You’d be lucky if you have a Psych major as your lifelong partner.


Need I say more?



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