The 10 Crushes We’ve All Had Before Finding Mr/Ms. Right

Posted on: Monday, March 16, 2015

Even though the month of love has already passed by, it’s still unavoidable to be infatuated with someone, may it be a close friend or someone you just passed by.

Based on my experience, here are the top 10 types of crushes that every girl/guy probably had at some point:

1. The Celebrity

daniel padilla

He/she doesn’t know you exist, but you pretty much know everything about him/her, from his favorite color down to his favorite shampoo.

2. The Teacher

hot teachers

May it be your cute French teacher or your hot Calculus professor, I’m sure every one of us had a crush on a teacher at some point.


alice dixson

Kinda Rated SPG, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a friend whose moms and dad are just too hot to be parents. Sure ka di na mama jud na nimo?

4. The Taken

crush meme

This is pretty much one of the worst kinds of crushes. Kabaw na ka nga your crush already has a girlfriend/boyfriend but they still look very attractive to you. Di ni siya lalim. Leave now before its too late.

5. The Relative

HBO via

Kani sad di lalim. That awkward moment when you find your distant cousin/relative cute. Ala Lannister lang? Hahaha!

6. The Jeepney Love Story

yeng jeepney

That moment when the guy/girl you sit beside with is very attractive. Hasta pag pasa sa plete, kiligon. Sige gurl, push mo pa!

7. The Online Friend

donnalyn bartolome
Donnalyn Bartolome fb page

May it be Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Omegle. I’m pretty sure you’ve had a crush on someone online. Basin photogenic lang jud diay siya.

8. The Classmate


Denial pa more. May it be your loud, annoying seatmate or your shy, soft-spoken lab partner, there’s just something about him/her that attracts you to them.

9. The I-can’t-believe-I-like-him

shes dating the gangster

This applies to every person you thought was cute but can’t think of any reason why. He’s so pathetic and narcissistic that its cute.

10. The Past 

the heirs

Last but not the least. Don’t lie. You still find your ex cute. Don’t worry, mubati rana iyang nawng puhon. Ayaw na lagi sige’g stalk sa iyang photos. Unfollow na. #TeamMoveOn

Found the category of your crush on here? If not, tell me what I missed in the comments!



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