The 11 Classmates You’re Gonna Miss This Summer Vacation

See which group you belong !
Posted on: Sunday, March 29, 2015

School year has ended. To those who still have a class, well this article is not yet for you ūüėõ

And to those who are now saying goodbyes to their alma mater and now preparing for their SUMMER Vcay, this is for you to remember those who were part of your school journey.

Here are the classmates whom you cry with, laugh with, angry with. But the common denominator is that they are the people whom you shared school memories with.

1. The Super BAIT

types of classmates
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The classmate who never complains when you ask them for help, or go with you to the CR or canteen. The only one who you can confide your secrets with.


2. D’ ALL-in-ONE

pengeng papel
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The classmate who have all the supplies you needed… From food to paper, they have it.¬†Ask and you shall¬†receive, but some ask you to pay for it.


3. Pasaway

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They always make the teachers boil! But then, whoever they are, they can also be the clown who make you all laugh because of their mischief.


4. The Lovers

crazy little thing called love
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~Oooh! The annoying couple who never know where and when would be the proper place to display their affection!



hermione granger
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The one who knows everything. The one who saves the class from the teacher’s impossible question.¬†The one who others call the¬†teacher’s pet. The one who has¬†sooo many friends during exams.


6. The Rich Kid


The classmate who never gets tired of bragging their possessions and smartphones.¬†They can afford to buy everything except… papers. Datu unta dili lang kapalit og papel!


7. The Hearthrob

hearthrob daniel padilla in shes dating the gangster

He’s the reason¬†why you’re not absent in class… The one who you waited in the class corridors to pass.¬†The one who made your imaginations beyond the limit. The one who made your heart jumps whenever he smiles or says “hi”,¬†and the one who you constantly stalks in FB.


8. The BULLY Crawford


The ones who are sooo bossy and mean. They’re always up for a fight. They may have¬†brawns but use a little of their brains.


9. POWDER Puff Girls


The ones who never fail to forget wearing make-ups in class with thick lipsticks and strong perfumes.¬†Who wouldn’t notice these kind of people?


10. The LONER Ranger


The ones you thought never exist in class. Unlike everyone else, they have their own world.¬†Either they’re¬†the silent type or the¬†bookworm that make them¬†different from the rest¬†and have difficulty fitting in.


11. The Divergent

Film Review Divergent

Friends to everyone, because they can fit in to any category. The one who doesn’t care what others may think about them.¬†They excel in class but not taking it too seriously. They know how to balance between school¬†and personal life. And they are reaallly¬†cool because I am ONE of them! ūüėõ


So which one are you? What kind of classmate are you during the school year? Just comment below!



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