5 Lies About Being The Bunso In The Family

We are not babies!
Posted on: Thursday, June 4, 2015

We all share the belief that being the youngest in the family means the luckiest. Lucky in a sense that they are the new joy of their parents’ eyes. The new blessing, the new hope, and the new favorite.


But what if these beliefs turned out to be nothing but falsehoods?


Here are some lies any youngest children can relate to:


1. The Prince/Princess in the House


They say that being the bunso means that you don’t have to do chores — it’s the older siblings’ responsibility. But it turns out that the youngest is always the one who do the chores, especially if the parents are out. In exchange, the older siblings pay them with candy or money.


2. Spoiled Brat

spoiled brat

Being the youngest means you can ask for your parents everything you want. From toys to dresses. Everything. Just ask for it, then *poof* you now have it. But in truth, it only works on TV or if your parents are filthy rich. An average Filipino parents would mind more of how can they feed their children, rather than pleasing their youngest child’s needless desires.


3. Brand New Things


New toys, new shoes, new dress, new school bag. Wow! But hey, that’s also one of the greatest lies about being the bunso. The truth is, there is no brand new things for the youngest. It’s always the SECONDHAND things for them. The thing is, it’s always practical for the parents to just pass down whatever the older siblings had — from clothes to shoes and even toys.


4. They Must be Understood


They say that older siblings should have a bigger understanding over the bunso’s behavior. Well, they should because they are the elders who know better. But the truth is, the youngest siblings are not young forever when they come of age. They know and understand what they’re doing, and must not be pampered a lot.


5. They’re Immature

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They say the youngest are always childish and too dependent of their parents. It’s not always true. The youngest child could be the one who thinks more mature. That is, they’ve already observed their older siblings actions and their consequences. They already know what would happen to them if they made the wrong decision. They learn more about life without even experiencing it, but by merely looking at their siblings’ fate.


Can you call now the youngest as the luckiest?



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