5 Reasons Why Being Too Good To Street Beggars Is Bad

A kind intention doesn’t always lead to good results.
Posted on: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Street beggars are everywhere in Cebu.

You can see them lying on the streets, singing outside the jeepney, or tapping at your car’s window. By just stretching their dirty hands and pulling their hungry faces at you, who will not feel sorry for these people suffering from an unlucky fate?


It is not a CRIME for being a Good Samaritan by sharing your blessings to less fortunate people. However, if you do this unselfish act on the wrong people, being too good to them would lead these people doing bad.


Here are the reasons why:


1. They are abusing you.

beggars in cebu
Ma Rosario Sanchez via Flickr

The more you give to this people the more they become dependent on you. Much worse, they are abusing your generosity.


2. You are teaching them to be lazy.


Yes you are doing it. They thought that it is easy to ask for money from the likes of you, than look for a job which is too “difficult” and “hard”.


3. You are paying for their vices.

Rugby boy

Little by little from the money they have collected, some would use the money for gambling, alcohol, and for a cheap substance they inhale and not for food. They secretly thank you for that!


4. You sometimes put their life in danger.

street children

Especially to street children who beg for money when the traffic light turns red. Anyone who gives in to their begging hands are indirectly responsible should they get hit by a speeding vehicle. It’s now high time for everyone to practice saying ‘No’ to these child beggars, so it won’t be their habit of doing.


5. You are violating the law.

sharing food
Jessa Mae Sotto | facebook

There is a City Ordinance 1631 that prohibits and penalizes anyone who gives cash or any material goods to beggars. Yes, you are doing a very kind act by giving money to street beggars, but if the authorities caught you, you will pay a corresponding fee of P1,000 or would be required to render community service while the beggars would be rehabilitated.


You helped them enough and don’t you think it is time to stop? It would really HELP them grow by their own and not be forever dependent on you. Furthermore, you are helping them find ways to earn money if they don’t get it from you.


If your conscience can’t ignore these people, give food instead of money. With that, you have an assurance where your kindness leads to. Don’t feel bad if they don’t accept your help. At least you have done something. Or you can help them by donating to charities.



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