6 Practical Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Without Spending Much

No plans for summer? Here’s for you.
Posted on: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vacation is not about spending all your money to enjoy. The whole point of having a vacation is for you to relax after the stressful days in school.

Here are tips on how to enjoy your summer break in practical ways:


1.The nearer the better.

riding a carabao in the province during summer vacation

If you really want to travel this summer vacation, instead of going to places that would cost you so much, you can go visit your grandparents or relatives in the province. There, you are safe with familiar people around, and won’t cost you much for food and accommodation. Not to mention the cold and relaxing atmosphere that you can only experience in the province.


2. Read books.


If you are the type of person who find relaxation in reading books, then vacation is a time for you to start reading your pending novels you haven’t read in the class due to time constraints.


3. Movie marathon with your family.

filipino family

Instead of going to movie theaters, you can watch movies together with your family in your own home. Though the quality of the movie you are watching is different from high definition you only see in theaters, the bond you’re creating with your family is more than the fictionalized story you have seen in movies.


4. Camp with friends.


If you want some thrill and adventure but can’t afford to go to far off places, well, you can still experience it… but a mini version of your dream adventure. Plan a camping anywhere, may it be in your backyard or the nearby woods. Put up tents or quarters outside your house with only a lamp or campfire to the night. Hide your phones or gadgets if  possible and savor the moment having conversation with your friends just like the old days. It is still fun!


5. Volunteer for the community.

outreach program

If you’re the type of person who loves to serve the community, you can lend a hand to the unfortunate ones by volunteering in an outreach program. Watching the faces of the people you help for free is priceless.


6. Enhance your God-given gift.


Yes, your talent! Admit it, you have one!

If you love to write, then keep on practicing by writing your thoughts in a piece of paper. Don’t just ignore whatever your noisy head says. If you have an eye for photography, you don’t have to go to different places for inspiration, where you are at now already has stories that are waiting to be captured. If you love to sing or dance, join activities or contests that would expose your hidden talent. You have the time to do everything you love this summer. When summer ends, you will notice a significant improvement in your talent.


These useful tips won’t waste your money and your time for the most beautiful season of the year.


Time flies too fast. It is up to you how you will cherished precious time.

Goodbye to school for now, and say HELLOOO to SUMMER!



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