This Is What Cebu Looked Like 76 Year Ago

Let’s bring you back in time.
Posted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can you imagine yourself living in a simple house made of wood and walking down the streets barefooted?


Can you imagine wearing your favorite Maria Clara dress or your Camisa de Chino, passing by the road with no cars in sight, calling for a tartanilla as your mean of transportation?


To some, this imagination is quite ridiculous because who would want to imagine such a nightmare anyway?


But others would still love the idea of living the olden days where life was simple, just like our lolos and lolas.


Can you imagine Cebu in that way?


Because this video will give colors to what you imagined the Philippines, especially in Cebu, before it was written in our History books.


So, sit back, relax and fasten your seat belt as the video brings you to some parts of the Philippines 76 years ago.


(TIP: If you want to have a better glimpse of the old Cebu, you can skip the video to 2:54 seconds. But I suggest you must NOT for you not to missed a single detail of this video)

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: a Video of Cebu 76 Years AgoBELIEVE IT OR NOT: Cebu 76 Years AgoYes, ladies and gentlemen… After you’ve seen how Cebu looked like in 1989 and 1991, here’s what I Am A Cebuano has obtained: a video of Cebu 76 Years Ago. (Skip the video all the way to 02:54.)[Every Cebuano is a PROUD Cebuano… LIKE us at and we will make PROUDER- EVERYDAY!]

Posted by I Am A Cebuano on Thursday, 30 April 2015



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