Hulog-Hulog Piso Gang Targets Jeepney Passengers In Cebu

Watch out for these guys! They are everywhere.
Posted on: Monday, June 15, 2015

Almost all of us ride a jeepney for transportation. Not only because it is cheap and easy to access, but also because it is very maka-Filipino to ride public transportation we proudly made.

However, there are these people who will try to ruin our peaceful trip. Bad guys who are too wise enough to choose not to suffer hard labor, but to steal money so easily and make their victim’s life miserable.

And here is the thing, they are pretty good actors inside the jeepney and magicians who will make your wallets, phones and expensive stuffs disappear pretty fast.

Just like what you see in this video. A Hulog-hulog Piso Gang was caught on a hidden camera where they victimized a lady riding a jeepney.



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