You Know You’re Filipino If You Do These While Eating

Have fun eating… I mean READING !
Posted on: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Filipinos are unique. We have our own practices that are just different from other cultures.
These practices may look negative to some, but at some point it makes Filipinos more interesting because of these habits that truly define us to who we really are.

You must have at least experience any of these eating habits that a REAL Filipino can relate it to.

1. You prefer budol fight when eating.

budol fight


2. Nakapatong ang isa ka tiil samtang nagkaon.

pinoy eating habits


3. Talking when your mouth’s still full.

kids eating
Andy Uyboco Photography


4. You eat MORE rice than dish.

happy eating


5. You sip your soup with a SSssssssssssssound!



6. Taking pictures of your untouched food to share it online.

taking photograph of food on mobile phone


7. Dipping the bread on a cup of hot choco or sikwate.



8. You use your nails or posporo as your toothpick.



9. When you’re in the restaurant, you take home with you leftovers especially bones for your pet dog or cat.



10. You drink a LOT of water before eating… especially if you don’t have enough food on your plate.


If you are laughing or smiling right now because you probably doing some eating habits that are mention. Well….



But don’t feel bad if you haven’t experience any above mention.
Well, it is never too late or too young for you to try. 🙂



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