10 “Hidden” Restaurants You Can In Cebu

Warning: Reading this may make you hungry!
Posted on: Thursday, April 16, 2015

Discover Cebu by Stomach this Summer!

If you think delicious quality foods have to be expensive then you’re obviously not looking in the right places!

If you’re the kind of person who loves food but only happens to eat in run-of-the-mill restaurants and fast-food chains (*cough* Jollibee*cough*) then you should definitely check this list out!


1. 10 Dove St.


Don’t be fooled! This elegant little restaurant is surprisingly light on the wallet yet heavy on the stomach! Perfect for intimate dates!

10 Dove Street has been around for quite a long time and has maintained its hole-in-the-wall restaurant status even with its address moved from its secluded village vibe (Sto. Niño Village, to be exact) to a more accessible location in Oakridge Business Park.

Budget: P250 or P275 (both full meals)

Location: Oakridge Business Park, 880 A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City

Reservation: 418-1010


2. Gibb’s Hot Wings


This is for all you chicken lovers out there! Gibb’s Hot Wings is an absolute must try if you’re a fan of good chicken wings and a cozy ambiance (when there isn’t a line outside!) The only downside though is its slightly hidden location that isn’t very accessible to commuting folks such as moi but hey, if you have your own car or you can afford a taxi then you’re good to go!

Budget: P200-250

Location: Holy Family Village II, Banilad (ask guard for further instructions)

Reservation: 0949-376-7220


3. Orange Karenderia


If you’ve been to Pizza Republic then I’m sure you’ve seen this bright little restaurant. The name itself gives away the approachable and friendly ambiance of the establishment. It’s a bit expensive compared to your regular carenderia but if you want to try quality local dishes then this is the place to be!

PS: Their Betsy’s Garlic Chicken (P135) is the bomb!

Budget: P150-P300

Location: La Guardia St., Salinas Drive, Lahug (Beside Pizza Republic)

Reservation: 316-0393


4. Burrow Lounge

burrow cebu
Burrow Lounge facebook page

If you just can’t get enough of ‘em Chicken Wings (like me), then go visit Burrow Lounge! For just P199 you can eat UNLIMITED Chicken Wings, you heard me right folks, All You Can Eat Chicken Wings. Recommended for barkadas with huge ass appetites! Say goodbye to that hashtag: #chickensad!

Budget: P199 (without drinks)

Location: Unit 4, Ground Flr., Tsai Hotel & Residences, Camp Lapulapu Rd., Lahug Apas

Reservation: 0906-229-4901


5. 30 Kitchen+Bar

30Kitch everythingcebu

Good food? Check! Reasonable price? Check! And definite bonus points: you can get a drink after! Pshh! Why even dine in malls anymore? (Well, um unless you’re really hungry from shopping but still, check out all these awesome restaurants at The Gallery!)

Budget: P150-P300 (without drinks)

Location: The Gallery, Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo

Reservation: 239-0057


6. La Bella Napoli

La Bel

If you’ve been itching to try what an authentic Italian pizza tastes like, then pop over to La Bella Napoli! They cook your pizza on a wood-fired oven which is how ‘em Italian folks do it. They also offer delivery services in case you can’t visit the physical store itself which is cool. Pretty affordable prices too, might I add!

Budget: P150-P300

Location: Piazza Elesia, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue

Reservation: 418 0539 (Talamban)

412 2046 (Gorordo)


7. Cadi Shack


The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Cadi Shack is a bunch of vintage memorabilia such as an awesome 60’s Cadillac! It has a unique vibe that entices you to come inside. But fear not Cebuanos, this restaurant is not just for aesthetic amusement, the food is actually pretty good and the prices are even better! The goat caldereta will keep you coming back for more 😉

Budget: P100-P260 (without drinks)

Location: Breslin St. Mabolo

Reservation: 231-3293/ 419-9890


8. Chop Chop Food Centre

chop chop food centre hidden restaurant in cebu
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Any fire breathing dragons out there? Chop Chop Food Centre is strictly for spicy food lovers only! Well, there are a couple of non-spicy options out there but dude, that’s like ordering a salad in KFC. Don’t. Again, this is located in The Gallery, where a bunch of other awesome foodie places are currently nestled 🙂

Budget: P200-P300 (without drinks)

Location: The Gallery, Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo

Reservation: 236-8910


9. Café Racer

Kara Santos | Travel Up

This place isn’t exactly “hidden” since it’s located by the side of the road but I just wanted to feature it on the list since I loved how it had this late 50’s Diner vibe to it which I’m sure most Cebuanos haven’t experienced yet. Food is not bad but it’s not mind-blowing either. Still, you should pay this little car themed restaurant a visit!

PS: They grill their meat on top of the hood of a Volkswagen Beetle! How cool is that?

Budget: P250-P300

Location: North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City

Reservation: 511-7798


10. Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers


Again, this isn’t by all means “hidden”, but I felt like it deserved to be on the list because some Cebuanos are missing out on what an actual quality burger really taste like, what with all that fast-food burgers and all (just sandwiches, in my opinion). If you say you don’t like burgers but you’ve only tasted Mcdonalds, Jollibee and KFC, then my friend, all of that is gonna change if you go to Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers.

Budget: P150-P250

Location: 111 Juana Osmena St.

Reservation: 514 -7007


PS: If you’ve eaten in all of these places, then Kudos! You’ve definitely earned this Food Badge! (Now give me a hundred push ups! Lol jk)



(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures)

These are just some kickass examples of awesome restaurants in Cebu! You can suggest your own favorite restaurant below!



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