5 Sinulog Novena Situations You Just Can’t Miss!

Posted on: Monday, January 12, 2015

Here’s to all the brave souls with braver hearts who are enjoying a true-to-life Sinulog experience with the Sinulog novena!

1. The “Help me I can’t breathe” situation

If you’re one of those who are determined to wiggle their way inside the jam-packed Basilica, then kudos to you! It is no easy feat with a hundred and some bodies doing the same.

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Fainting spell incoming? Tap the person beside you for help or raise your hand to signal the on-duty Red Cross volunteers to accompany you to the nearest ambulance.

2. The Push-Pull-Drop Kick situation

Finally, for once in your life you are in the IN CROWD. But to survive, you just have to adapt the Going with the Flow technique against this kind of situation because you are there to worship the Child Jesus, not to abandon the common sense ship.

sinulog novena 2015
People of Cebu

Someone stepped on your foot? Relax. A harmless little glare is okay. Someone kept on poking you in the back? Calmly tell the person to stop. Plus that harmless little glare again. Don’t overdo it, though!

3. The Loyal Devotee situation

Sing to your heart’s content! The Bato Balani sa Gugma (theme song of reverence to Santo Niño) is a devotee’s favorite. Wave those arms, everyone! Bet Santo Niño is appreciating the view somewhere, eh?


Don’t worry if you think your voice only sounds good inside the bathroom. If it pleases your ears and heart then sing all you want.

4. The “Pit Senyor Let’s Get it On” situation

Pit Senyor, sa mga biyuda kini!

Pit Senyor sa mga mangigilad kini!

Pit Senyor sa mga mangunguot kini!


You hear it. You feel it. It is in the air around you, inside your heart, that irresistible urge to dance forward and backward and then repeat the process again. Stomp those dainty feet and clap those hands! Here comes the happy song that’ll excite you more for the upcoming grand mardi gras.

5. The Determined Pilgrim situation

I will complete the nine days novena…I will complete the nine days novena… I will complete the nine days novena x3


That’s your mantra, right? Welcome to the Club of Determined Pilgrims eager to complete their Sinulog experience starting with the nine days novena. It is the time to say thank you to the blessings and ask forgiveness for your sins (and of course, do freestyle initial dancing at the end of the mass in preparation for the parade *winks*)

Pit Senyor, sa mga ka-Mugstoria kini!



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