5 Sinulog Troubles And How You Can Face Them

Posted on: Saturday, January 10, 2015

You think you’re ready for the best festival ever? Think again.

Before you go dancing to the Sinulog beat, in your new Sinulog t-shirt, and new Sinulog merchandise (the customary whistle and headdress), let us first review the things that are almost NOT there during this time and the ways to counter the whatnots with the top notch!


It is inevitable for you to walk. There are street routes that’ll be closed to give way to the dance parade and jeepneys cannot go further to their regular destinations. Instead of taxis lining up for passengers, it’ll be the other way around. And the taxis will be the new Napoles—fares going sky high and you have to be a good negotiator to hail one whose driver will be willing to go the distance at a price, so to speak.

sinulog 2015 fun run

Top notch tip: Study the battlefield—er, the available routes beforehand. Be on the look-out for the traffic rerouting that will be released soon and wear comfortable footwear like sneakers or flats but BEWARE of flip flops. The “Stepping On Toes” plague will come out and we wouldn’t want you to lose a toe or two, would we? Just kidding.


REALITY #2 :The almost NOT there SIGNAL

With a huge volume of users texting and calling simultaneously, mobile service providers going haywire is a possibility. But worry not! There are always electric posts where you can climb to send that text or call to the barkada. (See below for a less dangerous tip)

pnoy texting

Top notch tip: Make a foolproof plan for the barkada meet-up where you make them do the pinky swear of “I will not move here from the strands of my hair to the tips of my toes until all has arrived.” And set the assembly an hour earlier because late birds will lack time to flock properly on a good spot.

REALITY #3 : The almost NOT there SECURITY

Let’s admit it. Snatchers and pickpockets want to join in the celebration too. So think twice before you flash that shiny Iphone for a selfie, THEY are watching. And do be kind if ever you will see a crying lost child and help locate the poor thing’s parents by bringing him to the nearest police outpost.

Ka3na| herbrokentimemachine.blogspot.com
Ka3na| herbrokentimemachine.blogspot.com

Top notch tip: GO WITH THE BARKADA especially if one of you is a bouncer. That’ll do.  And put a leash on your child. Or for a more humane way, jot down the emergency police hotlines being provided here because accidents do happen but not too often to responsible and responsive citizens.


REALITY #4 : The almost NOT there HYGIENE

Oh, yeah those henna tattoos are cool. Bet they’ll look cooler when your skin starts puffing and swelling than its normal size, no? And watch out for that dirty banana peel while on your way to a dirtier portable bathroom (if you’re lucky to find one).


Garbage everywhere

Bathrooms Nada

Suspicious food stalls

Henna Tattoo Allergy

henna tattoo

Top notch tip: Test everything that you put on your skin. Stick to harmless facepaint if not sure. Frequent malls if you’re in need of a bathroom. Be on the look-out for feast for the flies’ food. And always, CAYGO – Clean as You Go for discipline begins with us.

REALITY #5 : The almost NOT there MANNERS

There will be hot people on the streets. But not just the attractive type…the hotheaded ones. The ones who will fight to death just to catch a peek of their fave celebrities’ on the motorcade? Yep, they’re present complete in attendance.

fans swarming richard yap

Top notch tip: Smile and avoid fights. It is the Sinulog for Pete’s sake not World War 7. Stretch your patience when it comes to dealing with The Ones and just smile (albeit a scary one)  while shouting “Viva, Pit Senyor!” at them.


Follow these Top Notch Tips at your own discretion. And don’t forget to enjoy the Sinulog.

Viva Pit Senyor, everyone!



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