10 Traditional Filipino Games Kids Rarely Play Nowadays

Posted on: Friday, January 30, 2015

Traditional Filipino games are very fun. Sometimes it can build teamwork and friendship. Below are the games we used to play before video games became popular:

1. Takyan (Sipa)

sipa or takyan, one of traditional filipino games
Christian Villamante via Flickr

Takyan (Sipa in Tagalog) is lead washer with colorful plastic straws attached to it. The player must constantly hit the takyan with his/her foot (or hand and elbow) without dropping it on the ground. The player who did the most number of kicks without dropping the takyan wins the game.


2. Bato-Lata

bato lata game

Bato-lata is a game of knocking down a can with a stone or slipper from the base line, then retrieve the same stone or slipper to the base line without being caught by the “it”.


3. Tubig-Tubig

tubig tubig

Tubig-tubig (or Patintero in Tagalog) is played on empty streets, schoolyards and beaches. The aim is to be able to get across four horizontal lines inside a rectangle, and back, without being tagged by the enemy. It’s called tubig-tubig (water-water) because water is used to draw the horizontal lines on the ground.


4.Slipper Game

traditional slipper game

This game is played by striking a slipper with another slipper to move it towards a horizontal line. The last player to move his/her slipper towards the line will be penalized, usually by letting other players strike his/her hand. Ouch!


5. Chinese Garter

chinese garter game

Two people hold both ends of a stretched garter horizontally while the others attempt to cross over it. The goal is to cross without having tripped on the garter. This game is usually played by girls.


6. Jolen

marble game

It is played a more precise way by tucking the marble with your 3rd finger, the thumb under the marble, the fourth finger used as to stable the marble. You aim at grouped marbles inside a circle and flick the marble from your fingers and anything you hit out of the circle is yours.


7. Tagu-Tagu

tagu taguan hide and seek
grabbed from Facebook

Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan (Hide and seek, the moon is bright)
Masarap maglaro sa dilim-diliman (It is fun to play in the semi-dark night)
‘Pag kabilang kong sampu (When I finish counting up to ten)
Nakatago na kayo (All of you should already been hidden)

Isa, dalawa, … sampu! (One, two, … ten!) 


7. Langit-Lupa

langit lupa game

Participants of this game must clamber over objects and will be chased by the ‘it’ if they step on level ground. To make the game fair, the players must not clamber for too long and must step on lower ground or they will become the next ‘it’.

8. Luksong Baka

luksong baka

One player, the baka (cow), crouches while the other players jump over him/her. The crouching player gradually stands up as the game progresses, making it harder for the other players to jump over him/her.

9. Luksong Tinik

luksong tinik
J-Zer0 via deviantart.com

Luksong-tinik (jump over thorns) is played by assigning two players to serve as the base of the tinik (thorn) by putting their hands (with fingers spread apart symbolizing the thorns) and feet together.

10. Agawan Base

agawan base

There are two teams with two bases. How many players on each team depends on the participants. There are two bases which each team claims as their own. The goal is to tag the other team’s base without getting tagged.

These games are fun to play. I experienced playing the games listed above and it was very memorable. How about you? Have you played these when you were young?



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