Walk With Mary: The Cebuanos’ Reasons Behind it

Posted on: Friday, January 16, 2015

The last day of the novena mass was started with Walk with Mary where the devotees gathered together in Fuente Osmeña and went to Basilica del Sto. Niño while praying the rosary and singing worship songs.

sinulog 2015 novena
People of Cebu

This has been practiced by Cebuanos through the years. Devotees carry their images of Senyor Sto. Niño and Blessed Virgin Mary during the solemn procession.

walk with jesus dawn procession

Police officers estimated that there were 50,000 devotees who joined the procession which is about the same number of estimated people during the Walk with Jesus last January 8.


I asked some of the devotees their reasons in joining the dawn procession. Macaria Conde, a senior citizen from Malabuyoc said that she went to the city just to attend and finish the novena masses. She further added that she pray to Sto. Niño for good health and mercy. She was also present during the Walk with Jesus.

Macarai Conde
Macaria Conde with her friend

Seychele, a grade 4 pupil of Banilad Elementary School said that this is her second year of joining the procession. She asks Senior Sto. Niño for wisdom and to finish her studies.

Grade 4 pupil devotee
Grade 4 pupil devotee

Arnie Hanson on the other hand prays for her family’s good health and protection. She has been doing this since 2010.

Arnie Hanson
Arnie Hanson

These boys were very shy at first but when asked about what their petitions and wishes are, they answered that they want blessings and protection from Sto. Niño. It’s also their first time in joining a dawn procession with such a large crowd.

Group of boys attending the procession
Group of boys attending the procession


Sonia Gallardo of San Nicolas shows her image of Child Jesus. She said it’s her first time carrying the image because it was previously owned by her younger brother. Every year, her brother would carry the image when attending the procession. Last year, he died and now Sonia is continuing what her brother always did. She asks the Holy Child for good health, long life and the repose of her brother’s soul.

Sister who wants to fulfill her brother's wish
Sister who wants to fulfill her brother’s wish

After the mass in the Basilica, the Traslacion will follow the images of Senyor Sto. Niño and Our Lady of Guadalupe as they are transferred to the National Shrine of St. Joseph in Mandaue City. It is for the preparation for the fluvial procession tomorrow morning.



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