How to go to Cambais falls in Alegria, Cebu

Welcome to Cambais Falls In Alegria
Posted on: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Going to Cebu, it’s not just about the beautiful islands, lush mountain tops, and white sand beaches. Cebu also offers cool and awesome falls like Kawasan. Kawasan is not the only falls in Cebu that matter.

Welcome to Cambais falls. Located deep in the mountain ranges of Alegria.

How do you actually go there?

Well, first you have to go to Cebu City.  Then go to the south bus terminal of Cebu City.

There are a lot of buses around the terminal but we usually ride Ceres buses since its clean compared to the other buses.


Ask a “conductor” where is the bus for Alegria. They will happily accommodate you.

It might take 4 hours to arrive at Alegria since it is located at the bottom part of Cebu.

The bus will drop you off at a church and a park in Alegria. If you want to eat before you go to Cambais, there are cheap “karenderia” around.

Motorcycle drivers are around the area waiting for tourist that they can guide. Once you negotiated the price for a ride back and forth to Cambais falls  they will take you there. Just be careful roads are a bit slippery.

When you arrived at the area, you might have to pay a small entrance fee. Before you arrived at Cambais there is a small hut for care takers.

What to do there?

Well, you can swim around obviously or you go cliff jumping. The water is clean and cold. Perfect for relaxation.



Transportation cost will cost you around 500 pesos, 300 for the bus ride back and forth and 200 for the motorcycle guide. Food is relatively cheap, at around 80 pesos you could enjoy a heavy lunch. For 800 pesos you can enjoy this falls.



After you enjoyed Cambais, you should move to Cancalanog falls if you more time.

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Adto nata na! di jud mo maghamay grabeh ka nindot sa tubig.

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