Throwback: Old-Timey Photos Of The Sinulog Festival

Posted on: Thursday, January 15, 2015
Kevin Maglinte

The Sinulog Festival was first organized in 1980. Back then life was simple. No littering, no temptation to do some nasty things you aren’t supposed to do if you’re not married (if you know what I mean) and no extremely loud parties in Mango. It was just a physical demonstration of 7 universities in Cebu. Since then it evolved to what we know today.

So here are some old timey wimey photos  that we’ve dug up from the Sinulog Foundation’s archive.

Let’s start from 1982. No social media to advertise the event, just newspapers, radio and television.

Sinulog festival 1982

Sinulog Festival in 1986. The queen actually has a leading man.

sinulog festival 1986
Do you even Lift bro!


The Sinulog dance in 1987.

sinulog 1987

More from 1987. The contingents are quite older compared to now.sinulog 1987

Gaisano advertisement in 1987.

sinulog 1987

Sinulog 1987: When Lapu-Lapu still participates the festival.

sinulog 1987

Sinulog 1987 contingent: Creepy face!

1987 sinulog

Before the pageant was called Miss Cebu, it was Miss Sinulog.

miss sinulog 88

Ah, that 80s hairdo. Who do you think won this year?

miss sinulog 88

Sinulog 1989: Which street is this?

sinulog 1989

A glimpse of Sinulog in 1997. That stunt!

sinulog 1997

Here’s 1998 edition. The stunt has leveled up!

sinulog 1998

Picture was taken last 2001 at Basilica Del Santo Niño where the people are probably singing “Bato Balani”.


 Sinulog has a very humble beginning so it’s amazing how big the festival has become now.



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