Posted on: Sunday, January 4, 2015
Anthony Gerard Gonzales

It’s been an awesome and eventful 17 months for us in tenminutes.ph.

And 2015 is poised to be grander and more challenging year for us.

We began with the idea of bringing the voice of Visayas and Mindanao to the doorsteps of Malacanang.

We further strengthened our belief with sharing your passion.

As 2014 came to a close, we sought to find a human problem and solve it.

We realized that man’s primal need is connection and belonging.

With all of these ideas meaning the same, we believe our existence depends on being vulnerable and authentic so that we can tell our story to connect and belong.

Whether the goal is to forge friendship or develop communities, we want to share our humanity by using the technologies we have developed and will continue to create along the way.

When we started 17 months, our monthly page views was struggling at 25,000 until it reached one million a month on May 2014 and growing.

Since January 2014 until the end of the year, we hit a total of 3.6 million users.

We embraced social so that our audience will find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they always are and will always be.

We’ve found out that netizens consume content that are posted by their family and friends on the different social channels.

If you are not on social then your content can hardly be found.

We believe there is a storyteller in each one of us and this is because of the innate human need to connect and belong.

We want to bring our stories towards authentic human connection through short, visual and relevant content using our hyperlocal website which is social in nature for the global community.

Imagine, waking up in the morning with a mug of coffee on one hand and your smartphone on the other reading inspiring stories to perk you up in the morning.

Imagine being in a resto-bar with a mug of beer reading our fun stories and sharing it to your friends to engage them in a meaningful conversation.

Imagine having the opportunity to share your story for the world to read and share.

This is our vision. To provide short, visual and relevant stories which creates a community of storytellers who want to share their passion and spark meaningful conversation.

This is going to be huge. This is going to be a movement. This is going to disrupt media.

There is an untapped and unserved market by traditional national media.

Out of the 100 million Filipinos, basically, only 12 million, living in the national capital are actually served because the stories they churn are mostly about what’s going on in the nation’s capital leaving behind stories that’s happening in the other parts of the Philippines where 82 million Filipinos reside.

Moreover, the happy, fun and inspiring stories are mostly neglected by local media because it is not considered newsworthy.

We thirst for happy and inspiring stories, we are hungry to be able to tell our story so that we can connect and belong.

This is what mugstoria.com is set out to do, to provide a hyperlocal website for storytellers who wants to share their passion to the global community.

We want to build a platform where they can connect and belong.

Mugstoria stands for mug, our symbol for meaningful conversation and storia, an Italian and Cebuano word for stories.

Think about it, the most meaningful conversation begins with a coffee or beer mug in hand.

From there, people share and tell their stories with passion and fire.

Whether early in the morning sipping the finest brew, you share your dream and stories.

At night, with a mug filled with the best tasting beer, a person opens his deepest longings, regrets and hopes.

That is mugstoria.

We’re set to go national and then Asean and then global. We’ve started it IN Cebu 17 months ago as tenminutes.ph.

In that span of time we were able to generate traction that has motivated us to global.
We decided to change our name to mugstoria.com to signal our intention to scale and expand globally.

From Cebu, we will enter Visayas and Mindanao and then go national.

When we go Asean we plan to set foot in Indonesia first where over 50 percent of the 250 million population are now on the internet.

There is so much opportunity in the digital content space and we’re proud that we’re among the very few purely digital content players in the Philippines aside from Rappler.

Digital is set to grow by 30 to 50 percent this year. Experts say 2015 is the start of the digital tsunami in the country and we want to be part of it and we want storytellers and our audience to ride the big wave with us.

We hope that the more than two million of you who journeyed with us for 17 month at tenminutes.ph will continue to ride with us at mugstoria.com.

We will continue to create fun and inspiring content, we will continue to defy the norms, we will continue to share hyperlocal stories.

When we scale, which will be within this year, we will introduce more variety of content coming from crowdsourced storytellers who want to share their passion.

We are set for disruption.

And we invite you to connect and belong at mugstoria.com.